Chasing a BIG Bug

Man, this guy has huge claws!

It’s amazing what I find or rather, run into when I head outside.  Just like the time that I went outside and ran into a skunk twice in one weekend, or when I ran into deer standing in the backyard, but this week I ran into something that I have not seen before.  Mommy called it a Praying Mantis, but I thought it was a stick just laying there in the grass.  I saw this thing the other day out in the grass and of course I ran over to pick it up like I do with all the sticks and leaves in the yard, but when I tried to grab it, it jumped, and then flew a little and landed back on the grass.  Whoa, wait a minute, a flying stick?  Now I am intrigued!  I ran back over to the flying stick and when I got close again, it jumped up and flew again to another spot on the grass.  Man, this stick has caught my interest now.  I started my playful jumpy jumpy thing I do when I get excited, and ran over to this playful stick and this time it flew up in the air all the way over to my neighbors garage.  Mommy took me back into the house so she could grab her camera and she headed back outside to photograph this flying stick.  As you can see from her photo, this stick has huge claws!  Not a stick that I want to mess with, but wait a minute, when do sticks have claws?

Mommy worked on getting our Halloween candy bags done this week and I watched her by napping next to her, thought she could use my company.  Instead of Daddy & Mommy purchasing those already printed candy bags you can get at any KMart, they decided to head to a craft store and got some small white little bags that she stuffed with candy, then she made little business card sized Halloween tags and stapled them to the bags.  They turned out really cute, and were a lot less expensive purchasing bags this way, rather than paying the high cost of candy bags from the store.  We ended up making 250 candy bags, because if you remember, they ran out of candy last year from all the large herds of trick-or-treaters they had and they had to delve into their own candy stash to hand out.  (that left Daddy with no tootsie rolls)
The wind has been really rough this week on our graveyard, and Mommy spent hours running outside time and time again to stand the styrofoam ones back up.  And, since the wind was blowing pretty good, our ghoul in the front yard by our sidewalk kept turning back and forth and that bothered me.  Mommy caught this photo of me looking at it out the front window – growling under my breath at it when it moved.  Silly ghoul…
Mommy got to meet a really nice eBay customer yesterday named Karen.  She bought a Halloween Lighted Willow Tree from us and Mommy showed her how to assemble it.  I, of course, was my charming self and greeted Karen and showed her all of my toys and even did some tricks for her for a treat, of course.  Karen even brought her two adorable dogs with her, but they stayed in the car while I barked at them from the front window.  Her dogs were really adorable and we laughed when we saw them sticking their heads out the sunroof to see where their Mommy went.  I think they were a Labra-Doodle, but my Mommy said that their hair was so soft as she got to pet them before Karen left.  (I was jealous of course) 
After dinner last night, Daddy and Mommy sat down to relax and played a Wii game of Life.  They got this game not too long ago and it is really fun to play.  You drive your car around the board, chose to get a career or head to college, get rewarded Life Tokens, sue other players, have kids, buy houses, get married (to some fugly looking cartoon characters – we laugh at who we marry all the time!  Mommy married some guy the other night that looked like he had a tick-tack head! LOL), but all I do is lay there watching the game pieces move and listen to all the crazy sounds the game makes.  Since I had a busy day yesterday, I was extremly pooped, so I napped on the couch while they played.  All in all, it was a good day! 
Today, Daddy & Mommy are heading out to get me all the stuff they need to make my Halloween costume, as I will be heading to our local PetSmart store soon for their Halloween Pet Contest.  I was only a little pup last year when I went, but I remember all of the dogs that showed up all dressed up.  I remember I saw this little itty bitty dog dressed up as The Red Hat Society and the dog even wore pearls, and of course, a red hat!  Even a Bulldog showed up with a wig on with long stringy hair, I laughed at him and told him he needs to see a barber.  I can’t wait (or maybe I can) to see what Daddy & Mommy come up with for my costume for Halloween this year.  I know I won’t be wearing a tutu this year.
Hope all of you had a great week and you’ll be outside decorating for Halloween this weekend.  By the way, what are you carving on your pumpkin this year? 

Zombie Hugs & Vampire Bites,

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