A SWEET Deal for Sweetest Day

Saturday October 15, 2011 is Sweetest Day. This holiday is observed by lovers throughout the Midwestern part of the United States.  Sweetest Day, just like VALentine’s Day is created to tell your “Sweets” just how much you love them.  I am not sure as to why we all need a “special” day to tell them that, as we should show the ones we love everyday how much they are loved.  Give them a hug (or “sandwich” like I do to Daddy every morning) and a kiss goodbye as they head off to work.  Life is too short to not show the ones you love affection.  Life is filled with bills, taxes, junk mail and other things that we don’t like, but that’s something called “life”.  It goes on whether we want it or not and we just have to deal with it.  Complaining about it doesn’t make it go away, it just upsets you and gets you nowhere, just angry.  Being angry is not love.  Love comes from the heart. 

So, with Sweetest Day being tomorrow, I wanted to offer you a Sweet Deal on the pet supplies, toys, and sweaters that we have on Daddy’s website.  For any item on the Pet Accessories page, you can get 5% off your item today and tomorrow.  Enter Code:  SWEETS when checking out to receive your 5% discount.  Offer ends on Saturday, October 15th.  Sweetest Day is just not for people, it’s for us pets too – show us your love with a new toy or sweater for winter, or even a funny t-shirt to wear at Christmas. 

Don’t forget that life is too short, love the one you are with, don’t let opportunities slip by you, tell them that you love you, but most importantly show them that you love them.  Just saying that you love them is not enough.  When you show them how much you love them, life changes and you are happier.  Show your pets how much you love them too, as they are a big part of our lives and bring us much happiness. 

Hugs & wet puppy kisses to you,

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