Slight Sign

In the midst of our Winter hanging on, I saw a sign this week. A slight sign that things are changing and perhaps we might eventually see a Spring this year.


Now, I am not getting too excited about this sign, because it will snow again and cover up these bulbs trying to emerge from the frozen ground, and if it is like last year, they never had a chance to bloom.


This is a depressing photo. All we are dreaming of is gardening again. I can’t remember when we have had this much snow in our backyard. Our poor garden gate & fence is all bent out of shape, but I will fix it.

The Poop Pit is a sheet of ice. The dogs put on a show trying to not do the splits when doing their business. I feel for them, but I do have to laugh a bit when they think they found the right spot, and their legs are sliding out from under them as they slowly slide to the ground. They re-position again to a new spot, and the same thing happens – “splitsville”.  I wish I could relocate them elsewhere to potty, but the snow everywhere else is super high. We just have to wait on the weather to change to get us out of these frigid temps, and a Poop Pit Thaw will be a happy thing!


The only one thing that I fear is when all of this snow does actually start to thaw. Then we will have to deal with potential flooding, and we hope that does not happen.

For now, I will take & enjoy my slight sign of things changing, as it gives me hope that we are heading in the right direction – – – right out of this season, because I have officially cancelled my membership to Winter.

31 thoughts on “Slight Sign

    • I definitely know that I would not enjoy arcobatics doing my business. Those flowers have not made it in a few years. They start to come up, and then get covered with snow again. Usually for us, St. Patricks Day it usually snows really good here. We’ll see what happens this year! It’s sunny here today and I am working on our garden seeds right now! Yeah!

      • Today, I shoveled a bunch of snow off the side of our snow mounds into the pit and it helped it a bit. At least the dogs got a little traction! Kitty litter is a good idea though!

  1. Oh Spring – come to piggy boy! What a great picture of things to come for sure. I think we are ALL done with Winter. I need some Spring. XOXO – Bacon

    • I actually saw that next week we’re supposed to have temps in the 40’s! Yeah! Forgot what those temps felt like. It’s sunny here today, but still chilly. We all need to see some Spring right now!

      • Yes we do! Wednesday it was in the 70’s here – beautiful weather for sure. Thursday it dropped down in the 30’s! Mon-Wed next week more rain. Shaking my piggy head. I don’t think Mother Nature knows what she wants anymore. XOXO – Bacon

      • OMP, these ups and downs kill me with my allergies. I got sinus headaches all the time when the weather does the roller coaster ups and downs! Ug.

      • Yep. Mommy has been dealing with a really bad headache all week. She almost didn’t make it to the worky place this morning. XOXO – Bacon

      • YES – it’s all allergies. We have the change in the weather happening here and we kind of give her a hard time too. Do you know she is allergic to dander. XOXO – Bacon

    • That is a good idea for the poop pit! I was trying to think of something to do. If our temps would ever warm up, the pit would be better. Next week we might even see 40! WOW!

  2. Oh that’s scary when your poop pit is like the skating rink of Stars on Ice… hope you need no double Rittberger to write your pee-mail :o)
    I hope so much that the signs of spring can chase this winter away :o)

    • It’s sunny here today Easy and just seeing sun changes your whole outlook on the day. The one thing that I hate looking at are those ugly dirty sides of the street where the snow is all dark and dirty. Ug. At least we have a clean dry driveway with no ice. Hopefully if the temps warm up a bit today with the sun, the poop pit can thaw! Dogs are tired of doing splits! LOL

  3. We’re having lovely weather here in Virginia. First it rained all night, then it started to sleet, then hail and finally snow. Now the temperatures are below freezing until Saturday morning, so Friday will be a sheet of ice everywhere. Ick.


    • Aren’t these up and down weather occurrences just so lovely? Grrrr. At least I see sunshine today, but it’s still cold here. It’s coming Nancy, warmer, better days! I am so excited!

    • I know! I hate that crunchy crusty snow too. I fell through a snow mound the other day and scraped my knee on that crunchy stuff. Ug. I will be so happy when we can get over this hump of Winter already. At least I heard good news of some warmer weather for us next week! Yeah!

  4. I so want to ‘like’ your header! Why is there not a like button? LOL I’m with you, I’m done with this freaking winter, With the mounds of snow I have, I’m afraid they will not go away until July. Honestly they are probably close to ten feet high now. Thankfully the dog daddy snow blows paths for the dogs and so far they have remained snowy, not icy, but the driveway is a sheet of ice and so is the road.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!

    • I believe the majority of us are DONE with Winter at this point. At least our driveway is all clear and dry and that is because I bust my hump scraping it every day to get it clean! Ug, too much work. Our icy poop pit is really bad, and I feel bad for Nikita and Bella trying to walk on it. Thanks for liking my header too! I love changing it up a bit, depending upon my mood! Hugs!

  5. The garden area with our daffodils and crocuses are buried so deep, I doubt if they’re even considering trying to break through. There’s more than a foot of snow and ice covering them. Still snowing here today – started well before daybreak and it’s now almost 4 PM. Still a few more hours to go, they say, and we see no signs of it letting up. What an incredible winter!

    • I know, right? I think that when they say it is going to snow, we expect the worst…and it happens. Our last few weekends have been nothing but shoveling the driveway because the snow just never stopped all day. Geez! Stay warm & bundle up!

  6. Oh Lord it looks cold and slick there. Stay warm and stay safe. Spring and the warm weather will be here soon.

  7. Well this is not going to make you feel any better but here, just West of Toronto, we have the same as you without the crocuses (croci????) and, to make things worse, we WILL be getting flooding in our back garden which has to be pumped out before it gets into the shed and up against the house! Something to do snow with melting on top of frozen ground below. Regardless, we are looking forward to Spring as well!

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