Pay It Forward

pay-it-forwardOn January 7, 2015, my dear friends over at Pig Love and I have started our monthly Pay It Forward Campaign and asked for all of our fellow bloggers to join in with us, as we head out into the world to do good deeds. One good deed deserves another.


Our goal for our Pay It Forward Campaign is to change the world, a little bit at a time, by one good deed at a time, and perhaps change the way we look at the world and others. Think about it…don’t you feel really special when someone does something for you when you least expect it? I bet you do, and that is how we want others to feel too!


Once a month, Pig Love and Nikitaland will meet up with all of our fellow bloggers to see what good deeds we have all done in the prior month. This is in no part meant for us to brag, but rather share what we are doing to Pay It Forward and making someones day special. We want to hear what you have done as it can inspire others to do the same. Simple gestures that we might take for granted may mean more to another person.


Here are some of the Good Deeds I have done since January til today:

  • Each and every Wednesday, I brought up our neighbors garbage cans
  • Surprised my Sweetie with some homemade cookies (yes, good deeds start at home too!)
  • Shoveled neighbors sidewalks & driveways
  • Washed my Sweetie’s car & cleaned all the windows
  • Shoveled a path through the field to KMart


I shoveled this path all the way across the field up to KMart. There are a lot of people in our neighborhood (including me) that normally walk up to KMart and I thought it would be nice if I shoveled a path for us to walk on. Instead of trudging through the high snow, I made it a little easier for everyone to get to the store!

So, if you are joining in with us on our Pay It Forward Campaign, leave a comment saying “I’m In!”ย and tell us the good deeds you have done! And in case you missed it, I made some nice Pay It Forward “My Good Deeds” lists that you can print out to keep track of all the good deeds you have done. You can print it out, hang it on your fridge, to jot down things that you have done during the month, and then the next time we meet up, you can share what you have done to Pay It Forward!

Our next PIF meet up will be on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 so mark your calendars! ย 

I also created a PAY IT FORWARD board on Pinterest and if you would like an invite to pin to this board, let me know!

pay it forward braceletP.S. – In case you want a Pay It Forward bracelet too, you can get them here! It is a great reminder to join in with us and Pay It Forward!

P.S.S. – Wasn’t that nice of Bella to help out with this post? No matter HOW you wear your Pay It Forward bracelet, it would mean the world to someone to do something nice for them today!

30 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

  1. ohoh, iI was wondering where you turned out I somehow unfollowed you!!! OHNO…well I blame the snow;0) Sorry my dearies, but I caught completely! warm hugs form your airhead friend in Ohio, Johanna

    • I am just taking it easy over here, after all of our snow shoveling. Everyone needs a break every now and then! How are you doing my dear? Glad to see you are following along – – – again!

  2. Bella is wearing the heck out of that bracelet. Well done, girl! Good deeds are contagious for sure. It’s nice watching them snowball. Ha! Snowball. See what I did there?

    Love and licks,

    • Speaking of snow, it’s coming down here so hard that I can barely see the building across the street! Ug. We’re getting yet another snow clipper coming through.

      Yep, Bella sure does love to pose for the camera! Good deeds are contagious for sure! When I do one, I can’t wait to do another!

    • Oh Misaki, I am only getting started! When I was looking on Pinterest for some ideas, I saw a bunch of awesome ones to do that I would have never thought of!

      Are you joining in with us to Pay It Forward?

    • Bella loves posing for the camera! Yeah, my arms, back and wrist are killing me after shoveling all of the snow we got over the weekend. Then I shoveled that path, and then last night it snowed again a few inches with another clipper coming in tonight. I am so tired, really really tired.

      • Get a small, 2cycle snow blower. I see you have a bigger unit though, maybe you aren’t strong enough to muscle it?

      • You are in far better shape than I am! I did most of the pruning on the front of the house yesterday, am so sore as heck from it.

        So out of shape and overweight.

        I had let it all go for several weeks since the home was for sale. It’s off the market now so time to prune. Lazy huh…

      • We had been trying for six months. Not one offer! God must have other plans for us, or something… We will have to tough it out financially, gonna be a rough road.

      • It’s a money thing unfortunately. We have a different plan at this point. After 6 months and no offers, it’s time. This house is in perfect condition, everything works. the price was reduced twice and will not go any lower. I don’t want to move…

  3. Oh my friend – AWESOME and JOB WELL DONE! Think of all the peeps you helped out with that path to Kmart. Love it! And thanks Bella for helping out this month. You did your part too! This is going to be great. I already have My Good Deeds printed and hanging on the fridge to remind me of paying it forward for this month. โค XOXO – Bacon

    • I am glad you liked my post, and yes Bella was a good little helper for posing with my bracelet! That path has already been used and I smiled when I saw someone on it! It’s tough for those people who walk up to the store to get through all that snow in the field. For as long as I can remember, this is the “route” everyone in the neighborhood uses to get to KMart! I am glad I could help! I love using those little good deeds sheets too, as it is very helpful. Today is garbage day here, so you know what I am going to be doing later today!

      Thanks for all of your help & also check out my Pay It Forward Pinterest board too. If you want to be able to pin to the board, I can send you an invitation! Let me know! You are the best! Hugs!

      • Awesome! My mom has Pinterest – this will be great. You are so awesome to make that path. I bet peeps really appreciate that so very much! We are setting off to another great month of Paying it Forward. Yesterday was garbage day here and we pulled back the neighbors. Can’t wait to see what other things we can do this month to Pay it Forward! XOXO – Bacon

      • I will send you an invite to pin to the Pay It Forward Board too! Pinterest has a lot of good ideas on how to pay it forward! Taking up your neighbors garbage cans is a nice gesture, and although it might not seem like much, when they arrive home they know they don’t have to deal with dragging up their cans through the snow. Keep up the great good deeds! YOU ARE AWESOME!

    • Aw, thank you Easy! I will admit, shoveling that path was not easy, but I felt good about it afterwards. I actually saw one of my neighbors use it yesterday and I bet when they saw it they said “wow, this is nice!” and smiled! (I smiled just seeing them use it!) That would have been fun to shovel the path with you!

      Are you JOINING IN with us?

    • Oh you betcha I shoveled that path…and it was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be too! LOL I know that a lot of people walk thru this field (which is across the street from our house) to get to KMart, so that is why I felt it was important to shovel a path.

      Thanks for JOINING IN with us too! We are here to inspire and to show everyone that one little act of kindness does make a difference! ๐Ÿ™‚

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