A Romp In The Snow

We had a romp in the snow today. It was a quick romp, but nonetheless, we romped! This was the first time in a few days that it has not been so brutally cold. We stuck our noses into that cold white stuff, sniffed some spots that were yellow, and dug into the huge piles of snow that Mommy had built.


Mommy let us romp around while she tried to dig up our frozen doo doo’s in the snow.


Hey, what’s up? This is Bella’s signature facial expression.


Nikita was watching our neighbors dogs head outside. Doesn’t she look so beautiful in her winter sweater?


Bella heard another snow plow coming down the road. She does not miss a thing going on around here.

1-9-15 BELLA IN THE SNOW3Ha ha! Bella snickers as she woofed at the plow guy! Take that you loud and noisy plow guy! Quit filling up the end of our driveway with snow already!

Our romp is exactly what we needed, but we’re back inside snuggling on the couch together in front of our little heater, while our Mommy covers us up with her fuzzy blankie. Life is good.

Flurries, Flurries, and More Flurries

NIKITA SNOW3 12-30-12

Since the day after Christmas, we have received our fair share (and more) of that cold white stuff they call snow!  We didn’t mind, because Daddy was home on vacation and we had no urgent place to go, so we actually got to enjoy the snow falling all around us.  Sure, we had to shovel, shovel and shovel almost every day, pulled the snow blower out too since the snow was quite heavy at times, but it was beautiful to see how it covered EVERYTHING white.  We surely put our snow pants to work as they kept us warm, actually too warm, as we scraped the driveway and sidewalk for the third, fourth…uh we lost track of how many times, but nonetheless, we kept the cold at bay and away from us.

BELLA SNOW5 12-30-12

BELLA SNOW3 12-30-12

BELLA SNOW6 12-30-12

Both Nikita and Bella are having the time of their lives playing in the snow.  We still have to teach Bella to not eat the yellow snow, as she has not figured that one out yet, but she loves to run and jump in the snow, and stops to take huge bites of snow when she gets tired.   Nikita on the other hand, is a digger.  When she heads outside, she finds the huge snow mounds that we pile up and starts her hole brigade.  Dig, dig, dig, as the snow goes flying through her legs, then her head disappears into her treasured hole that she has made.  When she pulls her head out, she is covered in snow and stands there so proudly on top of the snow mountain as to say “look what I did“!

NIKITA SNOW2 12-30-12

NIKITA SNOW1 12-30-12

NIKITA SNOW4 12-30-12



What is priceless in the end?  When you find your little furry four-legged kids passed out on the floor, rejuvenating for their next trip outside.  (which will most likely be in 20 minutes, phew)







We spent our New Year’s Eve safe at home, watching it snow (again) and were glad that we were not out on the town driving on the snow covered roads.  We enjoyed our time with our dogs and watched the two hour special in memory of Dick Clark.  We had all the good intentions of watching the ball drop at midnight, but like every other new years arrival, we missed it, as we fell asleep. We did, however, get woken up when both Nikita and Bella started growling at the fireworks that were going off in the neighborhood.  We chuckled, and fell back asleep.  All in all, a great and wonderful end to another year with all the people we love, and our special four-legged kids by our side.  Priceless.


Fall Back Tonight!

Gonna lose an hour of sleep tonight, bummer

Well, it’s that time of year again when we have to set our clocks “Back” one hour for Daylight Savings Time and that means that I am going to lose an hour of my precious sleep, bummer!  Oh well, that means that I will need to take a cat dog nap later with Daddy and that is always fun!  Morning trips outside will be darker for sure now!

I still can’t believe though that Halloween is over already.  Those two hours of actual trick-or-treating goes so fast.  We are almost done putting away all of our tombstones and props as that was such a huge chore to wrap everything back up the way we took it out of the box.  Since we had such a fun time creating a lot of our props this year, we have new plans on the back burner for next year, so look out for some interesting new tweaks to our home haunt!  We are still drying our pumpkin seeds all week and they should be ready to be stored away for planting for next year.
Mommy has been trying to keep up with all the leaves in the yard as they are still falling and filling up the backyard on a daily basis.  Everytime I head outside, I always grab a few of them in my mouth and then run around like a tazmanian devil all over, and I make Mommy dizzy when I do this while she holds onto my leash.  LOL  (sorry Mum) 
The snow will be falling soon, unfortunately, but I can’t wait!  That means that I can now “pee” in the driveway!  Yep, I said pee in the driveway!  Heck, I’m a dog and I don’t know any better and when I see the “white stuff” on the drive, I don’t know that it’s not the grassy area, so I let myself go!  Mommy & Daddy think it’s funny, but I am doing a great job of melting the snow by the back door for sure!  LOL   The colder weather also means that I get to dress up in my fleece sweater to stay warm, but it always seems to be a hassle to put that thing on me.  I fuss a lot when Mommy is trying to get that thing on me, but I am happy though once it is on because I stay nice and warm!  I wonder if Mommy & Daddy will get me little boots to wear this year to keep my toes warm!   If you remember, last year I was only a little puppy when I got to see my first snow, so this year I know what I am getting into!  Maybe Mommy and me can make more snow doggies and another fort for me to play & dig in.  That was a lot of fun last year!  Can’t wait to see what we create this winter! 
Anyhow, don’t forget to set your clocks BACK one hour tonight before you head off to sleep! 

I learned a new Four Letter Word

My First Snowfall

I learned a new four letter word today, and it’s not a bad four letter word either – S N O W!   WOW, did you know that you can eat this stuff?  It’s like “frozen water” or something, but I heard Mommy saying not to eat the “yellow snow”, don’t know why she said that, but I’ll have to find out why though.  This white stuff really shocked me today when I stepped on it, brrrr was it cold to my little paws, but what was amazing is that yesterday when I went outside it was raining.  Where did this white stuff come from?  All I know is that it was fun to run around on and all I kept doing was eating it, and eating, and eating.  Mommy laughed.  Mommy dries off my little paws though when I come back into the house to help keep me dry. 

I also went with Daddy & Mommy this morning to the vets to get some more shots, and I found out that I gained 4 more pounds since my last visit! WOW, I am now up to 19.3 lbs. and getting bigger every week.  Dr. Danis is a really nice Vet because he takes good care of me and gives me hugs & puppy treats.  Can’t wait to get home to play in the snow again, hope this stuff stays around awhile!

Happy Snow Day to all of you!  Hugs & wet puppy kisses to you,

P.S. – Don’t eat the yellow snow!