You’ve Got the Cutest Little Baby Cakes

Cake Pops or Baby Cakes, whatever you call em, they’re delicious!  Not to mention, they are so easy to make when you have a neat Baby Cakes Maker!  Mommy got this for Christmas from Daddy and she tried it out for the first time yesterday.  She made Daddy some half-dipped cake pops in chocolate then dipped them in chopped walnuts.  Whala, instant deliciousness! 

Mommy had a little problem with melting the chocolate and keeping the chocolate in a smooth consistency, but she did succeed in making enough treats for Daddy to take into work with him today.  She used one yellow cake mix for the cake pops, and put one tablespoon of the batter into each section in the maker (it makes 12 at a time), then waited 4 minutes for them to  cook completely.  When all the batter was used, we ended up with over 80+ little cake pops!  WOW!  It was amazing how many cake pops one box of cake mix could make. 

Normally, cake pops are supposed to be dipped completely in the chocolate, but since we had trouble keeping our chocolate smooth, we only dipped one side.  Since this was our first attempt at making these adorable & easy cake pops, we are sure that with practice we can turn out some incredible treats!  By the way, this Baby Cakes Maker also includes a really neat “injector” where you can use to insert any type of filling into your cake pops once they are cooked.  Just fill the injector with jelly or pudding (for donut holes) or whip up a cream cheese mixture and insert into a chocolate cake pop.  You can also insert a lollipop stick to the cake pops then dip them in chocolate for a special occasion!

If you are interested in learning more on how to make Cake Pops for yourself, we have the cake pop book available on our website.

The possibilities are endless for cake pops because you can dip them in any color of chocolate melts, then add sprinkles, nuts, coconut, crushed Oreos or anything you want!  You choose how you want to make them and I bet every time you do, they will go fast!  Have fun & experiment!