Spruce Up Your Side Bar in WordPress

BLOGGING TIPSSome times I feel like I am behind the times with all the neat WordPress things, and some times I feel just right. I changed that today with a neat widget I found!  But when I saw the neat widget called Gallery, I had to try it. And you should too!

We all love pictures, and the Gallery is a neat way to show off all of our best photographs, our funny dog pics, or even the crafts we make!

BLOG TIP NO 4Simply head on over to your Dashboard, Appearance, then Widgets, and drag the widget called Gallery over to your Main Sidebar.  (I would drag it somewhere near the top of your sidebar so everyone can see it and they don’t need to scroll down your page to find it)

Once you find a good place for your Gallery on your sidebar, then you have the option to add a Title.  Next, you select or choose the photographs that you want to add to your Gallery from your WordPress Media Files.  (for now, you can select just a few photographs to see what the gallery does first, then you can go back to it and add more photo’s later)

The other options for the Gallery are to chose if you want the photo’s to show up in the order you selected them, or in Random order.  The next feature to choose is the Style for your Gallery.  You have the following options:  Tiles, Square Tiles, Circles, or Slideshow.  (currently, mine is in the slideshow style)

That’s it!  Just remember to click Save before you leave that page!  Now go view your WordPress home page to see what it looks like.  If you don’t like a certain style (ie: slideshow), then go back to your dashboard, then to appearance, then widgets, and open your Gallery widget and select another style, then click save.  It’s was fun playing with this and I had to show you all in case you did not know about this WordPress feature.

So, what do you think?  Pretty neat, eh!

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