Rescue Bling Bling

The majority of us who own dogs have rescued them. Nikita and Bella were rescue dogs too, who found their forever home with us. They are now happy & healthy dogs who go about life with all the toys in the world, and are loved each and every day.

WAG AWARE TAGI entered a contest back in December on (You have to check out their dog Kayo, because Kayo looks just like Bella) with high hopes of winning.  In fact, I did win!  I won two WagAware charms and they arrived today!


If you have not heard of WagAware, please check out their website at as their tags help promote dog rescue and adoption and they donate 50% of each sale to dog rescue charities.  WagAware was launched back in June, and not even a year has gone past and they have donated $18,500 to dog rescue charities from the sale of their charms.  If you would like to pick up a charm for your rescued dog, each WagAware Charm is $14.95.  Aren’t the charms adorable? And, they don’t clang against your other dogs tags either and the coolest part is, they “glow in the dark”.


We would like to thank BoingyDog and WagAware for the beautiful charms that we received today.  Both Nikita and Bella are already wearing their charms proudly and are happy that they have found their forever home. Now, when we head out for walks, they can show off their new rescue bling bling!

We take animal rescue seriously too, as we participate annually with the APL and collect donations for their rescue efforts in their Pledge For Pets Fundraiser.  So keep on the look out for our upcoming posts on this event and we hope that everyone who is reading this can find it in their heart to make a donation this year.

You know me, I had to take a bunch of photographs of the dogs for this post, as they had to show off their new charms.  With all dog photo sessions, you always get some good bloopers too…




A girl, and even a dog, can’t have enough bling bling!