The Vortex Wind Tunnel

Plain and simple, today sucked.

It royally sucked, big time.  We got lots (and I mean lots) of snow dumped on us today, and it still is coming down right now as of 9pm. Tomorrow morning is not going to be a good one either.  Our temperature was 12 degrees today, but I am sure it was much colder with the wind chill.  Tuesday’s temps are supposed to be zero, nice eh?


All I did today, was shovel snow.  Fifteen minutes later, I had to head back out to clean off more.  The wind was so severe today that it blew right through my snow suit, so it felt like I was just wearing my jeans outside.  I got cold quick, and my fingers even felt frost bitten even with my Thinsulate gloves on.

The wind blew so hard and severe between the houses in the neighborhood like you were standing in a vortex wind tunnel.  You cleared the drive between your house & your neighbors, turned around, and the snow drift appeared again.  This was my day today.  It stunk.


At one point, I came in and disrobed all of my snow suit, and sat by my little heater to get warm, and I noticed that I had two different socks on. Ok, that stinks, but that just is yet another sucky thing that happened today.


Moments later, a heard a huge bang from outside, and when I looked out, I caught one of our city’s snow plow guys driving away.  He hit our mailbox with his plow,  and ripped off the door to our mailbox and kept going.  I slipped on my flip flops that were sitting by the back door, grabbed my coat and hat, and ran out the back door to catch him. When I got to the end of our driveway, I noticed that all the outgoing mail I put in our mailbox earlier was now laying in the middle of the snow covered street.  Yikes!  I grabbed it up quickly, and ran down the street to catch this moron.  I caught up to him as he was backing up on the side street and told him he hit our mailbox.  He replied and said “no, I did not hit it, it was just the snow that hit it”.  I told him that the door was ripped off and that all of my outgoing mail was in the middle of the road.  He drove over to see what happened and after he saw the mailbox, he said “I must have hit it”.  At least he was apologetic and told me to call the city’s building department to get it replaced.  I did in fact place that call, and hoped that they would replace it today.  They did not.

My next door neighbor arrived home only to find over a foot of snow in her driveway, and when she pulled in, she got stuck.  Figured that would happen.  She got out and shoveled in hopes that she could get in the drive, and no matter how much she shoveled, she was still stuck. She ended up leaving her car at the end of her driveway, then went out again. She left the shoveling for her husband to tackle when he got home as it was too deep for either of us to shovel by hand.  What I had to laugh at, was when she said to me “all I want to do is kick something”, and that is the exact phrase I told my boyfriend earlier in the day.


You just get so frustrated when the snow comes down this fast, the wind blows right through you & in your face, and it makes you feel that no matter how well you clear off your drive, that within minutes it will be covered again.

The vortex wind tunnel won today.