PRODUCT REVIEW: Kenmore Canister Vacuum

Vacuuming a few times a day is a daily ritual when you own a dog.  Cleaning up after dog hair tumble weeds needs to be tackled constantly, or they pile up.  Since I constantly clean all day long anyway, this task is simple, except when your old vacuum that you have had for years dies on you.  Yep, that is what happened to me last week.  My old Eureka canister vacuum took a dive last week when I turned it on, sparks were flying out the back and I yanked the cord from the outlet as fast as I could.  So now, we needed a new vacuum.  Since we sell already sell on ebay and are familiar with the site, we decided to check out what they had for sale.

We found a slightly used Kenmore Canister Vacuum for sale for $39.99 and thought it was a great price, not to mention there was a great deal of positive feedback that the seller received for this vacuum, so we decided to purchase it.  We are glad that we did!  We received our vacuum earlier this week and we could not be more pleased with it.  (Original Selling Price on the Kenmore website for this vacuum is around $89)

Here are the positive things that we love about this vacuum:

  • The suction on this canister vacuum is so strong that it actually picks up our carpets off the floor in the kitchen when I am vacuuming them
  • Super quiet (my old vacuum was so loud, never knew a vacuum could be this quiet)  Has a 12 amp motor.
  • It has a retractable cord (this feature is so great because you don’t have to wrap up the cord for storage)  Love this feature!
  • All of the tools are stored under the lid, easily in reach
  • On the long handle that attaches to the vacuum, you can easily switch between “carpet” and “floor” with a flip of your foot, so you don’t have to bend down to change the settings
  • Weighs only 14 pounds, so carrying it around is effortless
  • It has a 3-level HEPA-type filtration system, this vacuum cleaner captures 99.97 percent of dirt particles, even those as tiny as 0.3 microns
  • You can also change the suction intensity, so when you clean curtains you can change it to a lower setting

If any of you need a new canister vacuum, we highly recommend you checking out this Kenmore canister vacuum that we just purchased.  Here is the link to the ebay listing:  KENMORE CANISTER VACUUM

I Love to be Vacuumed!

It’s amazing what a puppy finds amusing.  We go through our busy days getting into all kinds of things.  Things that we do that are cute, things that we do that are funny, things that we do that are bad (not me, I’m a good puppy), and things that amaze Daddy & Mommy, like me…. loving to get vacuumed!  Not sure if all puppies hate being brushed (like me), I just nibble Mommy all the time when she tries to brush me, bite her hair, the brush, but she somehow gets the job done…I, however, would rather be vacuumed!  I just love it when Mommy vacuums because I chase the vacuum all over the house, and try to bite the end of the nozzle.  Sometimes I get too close to the end and it sucks up my tongue a little, then I growl at that darn vacuum!  (stupid vacuum) When Mommy is all done with the cleaning, she runs the vacuum

Here's me, the day I was adopted - Still hate being brushed!

 all over my puppy fur and it feels so neat!  I don’t bite the vacuum either when she does this because I love it!  Don’t know why I hate being brushed so much, but if I don’t have to be brushed, you can vacuum me anyday!

Until later,