Welcoming the Arrival of Spring

Ah, the great feeling you get with the arrival of Spring.  The flower bulbs are popping through the soil (and even came up while we still had snow on the ground), the grass is getting greener, the car radios get louder, motorcycles rumble by the house, the ice cream  truck starts showing up in the neighborhood, and the thunderstorms boom outside with a fiery crack.  All of these are the signs of Spring, not to mention all of the shedding us dogs do.  Thanks to Mommy for taking the time every day to brush & FURminate me, as I am looking so well groomed. 

Mommy and I even played in the backyard the other day and she introduced me to bubbles.  These things are really neat as they floated above my head and popped when they hit the grass.  I ran and chased these all over the yard and when they all disappeared, I looked at Mommy to say “blow some more” and she did.  Pop, pop, pop the bubbles went, but I sure had a lot of fun chasing them and trying to catch them.  Never knew these little clear floaty things could be so much fun! 

Daddy and Mommy headed back up to Home Depot to pick up some grass seed for the yard and they talked to this really nice guy in the garden area who was very knowledgeable.  He gave them some great advice on how we can cut some costs on our raised vegetable garden bed and they thanked him for his advice.

March 2011

March 2011

March 2012

We have been having some really severe thunder storms here lately.  Early Sunday morning we were all woke up by the flash of light and the crack of the lightning that made us all jump out of bed.  Man, that crack sounded like it was right in the backyard.  It just appears that all of our Spring storms are becoming more and more severe as we have never seen such severity like these before.  At least the grass is getting the water it needs to green up, but with all the rain we are getting, it is making the yard quite squishy and swampy.  We remember last year when we tried to plant our flower seeds in May that all of them got washed out and we had to replant, so we’re wondering if we are in for another rainy beginning to our Summer.  We might even start our summer flowers indoors first under our grow light so that they can get a good head start before planting them outdoors.  At least this way we will know for sure that they will have the good start they need. 

How are you enjoying your Spring?

Chickens, Blue Fish & Footballs

I have been one busy dog this past week, with visits from Grandma to trips to the pet store, and today, Mommy and I got to drive Daddy to work today.  (hope we remember to pick him up)   Every time Grandma visits, she brings me a new toy.  She does not have to do that, because I love her anyway, but she always surprises me with new squeaky toys.  On her last few visits, she brought me a squeaky chicken and a squeaky blue fish – Boy oh boy do I love these guys!  I have had so much fun playing with them, tossing them in the air, catching them, chewing on the chickens eyes, and booping Daddy & Mommy on the leg when I want them to throw my toy for me across the room.  (I just have to remember to let go of my toy after I boop them, most of the time, I don’t)  It’s all a game to me.  I love playing.  I love teasing Daddy & Mommy with my toys, then run away down the hall so they can’t get me.  Ha Ha

Mommy surprised me today and got me a stuffed football (without any squeakers though, rats) so I must have been a good girl today.  Heck, I am always a good girl!  Mommy told me that she is getting me ready for football season, and although girls don’t usually get into football that much, she said that I need to know about the game so when they watch football (Go Browns!), I can be ready.  It’s funny though….I heard Mommy & Daddy talking about how Clevelanders are always saying “there’s always next year” when they talk about Cleveland sports. 

We are also in high gear for Halloween and have just received our HUGE Halloween shipment in earlier this week.  Take a peek on their website & see if you can find something to add to your own home haunt this year.  www.themesnthings.com   You should also hop over to their blog too at www.themesnthings.wordpress.com and pick up for yourself some easy decorating ideas for the holidays, tips & tricks for lighting effects, and new product arrivals. 

Hey, did any of you feel the earthquake the other day?  Mommy & I did not feel it here at home, but Daddy felt it at work.  I wonder what is going on with all these quakes lately & bad storms?  We had one doozie of a storm last night that woke us up with the first crack of lightning.  I was not scared, but just in case, I crawled up from the bottom of the bed right next to Daddy & Mommy to be safe.  They comforted me and I finally fell back into a deep slumber on my back with my paws up in the air. 

I hope all of you are having a great day & staying safe from all the storms & quakes!  I’m thinking about you…

Love always, Nikita

When Summer Storms Come Knocking


Last night after Daddy got home, a big storm blew in.  We had just finished dinner and I went out for a quick bathroom break, and had to run quickly between the rain drops to get back inside before I got wet.  (did not want to end up smelling like a wet dog)  The skies were so eerie and strange looking, so we knew that this was going to be a really big storm.  The rain came down in buckets, and I think that sometimes they refer this as “raining cats and dogs“, but I did not see any cats or dogs dropping from the sky, just the rain. 

Mommy sat by the front window and was trying to photograph the lightning, but it happened so quickly and she was unsuccessful, but she did get some great photographs of the storm and dark sky.  The thunder booms were quite loud, but I was not scared.  It seems that I am one dog that is not scared of thunder storms, to which many dogs are, and they hide and shake when they hear the booms. 

This storm was kinda strange.  The skies started off really dark and eerie, lightning came and went through the dark skies, it rained really hard, then it appeared that the storm was ending, but it was not done yet.  Mommy went outside to capture some great photo’s of the sun now peeking through the storm clouds and she is so glad that she did because just as she took these photographs, the storm came back and so did the rain.   I jumped up on Daddy’s lap, not because I was scared or anything, but that is the story that I am sticking to. 

I am sure that we will have many more storms before months end, as this is the time when the weather gets quite severe, just like our summer storms we had in May. 

Do you get scared of thunder?

Visitors Galore!

Hey everyone!  It’s me, Nikita!  I just wanted to announce that yesterday I hit 6,000 visitors.  WOW, that is pretty good for a dog, eh?  The funny thing is, is that I started this blog when I was adopted last year because it got hard and time consuming to email family and friends my photographs of me as a puppy, so I decided to start a blog where everyone could go to see what I was up to.  Who knew that it would grow with leaps and bounds with so many followers in a little under a year, that is something that still amazes me.  I am not sure as to what got you here on my blog, what you typed in as a search keyword and found me, or perhaps you saw my comments on someone elses blog & clicked over to see me, whatever the case may be, I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting, stopping by to read an article, or subscribing to my blog!  I appreciate it so much! 

I promise to keep up the good work and bring you interesting articles, not only about me, but about us dogs and how we have fun in life.  I have written important articles on what to do if we get stung by a bee (you need to check out that article & print it out for future reference), the importance of introducing all of my toys to you (the total amount of my squeaky toys have grown a lot lately!  Toys to me is as important as shoes are to a girl!  Can’t have enough of them!), the importance of playing hard with your toys and how they can end up in the “Pet Hospital” on top of the fridge until Mommy fixes them, (the insurance deductibles have been exceeded on some of my toys), how to wait for your Daddy by the front window every night when he returns home from work (then you go crazy when he walks into the house), how to bark properly, why eating mulch is not a good thing for us dogs, how fun it is to eat hail in your yard after a storm, and lots more fun stuff!  So, stay tuned, visit often, and follow me as I grow up!  Thanks again for visiting! 

Smoochies & Hugs to you,
Love Nikita