Home Is Where the WOOF Is

One Happy Puppy

Ever wonder where YOUR happiness comes from?  Happiness starts at home.  It is the place where mostly everything happens, it’s your life, your castle, your shelter from the weather, where you “hang your hat“, where you share your life with, friends, family, and where you lay your head down to rest every night.  YOUR home is the foundation to your happiness. 

When you had a long exhausting day at the office, had a day filled with errands, got frustrated at the high gas prices (again), got hot & sweaty from doing yard work – all things that fill our days, but coming HOME is what makes your heart happy.  Seeing your loved ones greeting you at the door with a kiss, or having your puppy lick your face all over makes your entire day of frustrations fade away.  GONE.  What’s left?  Happiness, pure & simple joy of being surrounded with the ones you love. 

For us puppies, we love unconditionally, always wag our tails when we see you, or when you talk cutesie-wootsie to us, we love all the toys you purchase us and play with them every day, we love how well you take care of us & how you pamper us, we love that we can always find cold water to drink, get our meals on time every day, and we love how you brush us to keep us looking so well groomed.  We would not have any of this without YOU.  This is our happiness, having a home filled with love, affection, and always knowing that we can snuggle with you every night when we lay down to dream about chasing kitties.

How do you make HAPPINESS?