Home Made Is Better

Store bought goodies are ok, but when you can make homemade cookies that look this good, the choice is easy!  Daddy bought Mommy a really neat “homemade cookie stamp” on eBay awhile ago and she loves it, but Daddy is the one who benefits the most because he gets to eat all of the cookies! 

Anyhow, when Mommy first got her cookie stamp, she was dying to make cookies right away, but did not have all the ingredients she needed, but she did have a bag of store bought sugar cookie mix in the pantry, so off she went on her first attempt at stamping cookie dough.  So many things went wrong this first time around… the sugar cookie dough was ok, but she did not know that the dough should have been put in the fridge for a few hours first, and she did not read the instructions on the cookie stamp that you should shake a little flour on it so it does not stick to the dough (she learned this the hard way), and she balled up a little of the dough, placed it on the cookie sheet, and stamped each ball of dough.  Well, they looked correct, each cookie ball of dough was now stamped with “Home Made” on them – then it came time to bake them.  She watched though the oven door at her first batch, and they looked fine, until a few minutes into baking……then, the stamp mark disappeared and flattened out.  She was so disappointed.  Now what? 

Well, Mommy contacted the world known lady called Bakerella via email and she responded back that using a store bought mix would not work well, and that the dough definitely needs to be placed in the fridge for a few hours for the stamp to work properly.  She also mentioned that instead of sprinkling flour on the cookie stamp every time, to try using a little cooking spray ever so often and that will work out the best.  (Thanks Bakerella!)

Since Mommy corrected all of these boo-boo’s in the art of cookie stamping, she is on her way to making some incredible looking, not to mention tasty cookies.  She mixed up a batch of Spritz Cookies (aka: Party Press Cookies – the dough you use from your cookie gun) and made some “Home Made” cookies for Daddy.  She added a few drops of blue food coloring to the dough and only slightly mixed it in so she could get a marble effect in the finished cookies. 

Kiss those store bought cookies goodbye when you can make homemade cookies that look this good, not to mention very tasty too!