Garden Update: May 15, 2014

I love heading downstairs to check on our garden plants, because you just never know what to expect. I am a firm believer that the plants grow over night and things happen while we are sleeping. Perhaps I should video tape them at night, just to see what’s going on!

PLANTS2 5-15-14

Our new table is getting crowded, and that is good news! That means that soon, they will be heading outdoors into their new home, in the garden. We are still watching the weather reports, and for now, they are staying safe indoors. We need to make sure that we pass our last frost date and the plants are safe, otherwise, we will have to jump through hoops to cover each one up at night to protect them from frost damage.


We have 18 red pepper plants growing, and they are at various heights, because we love and use red peppers in almost everything we cook.

PEAS 5-15-14

This is our first year growing peas, so we are anxiously awaiting to see how they do once they head into the garden. I got great advice from my blog buddy Kathy that the peas just need small little stakes behind each one so they can crawl up. We can’t wait to see little pea pods growing one day!  I think that they are the cutest little plant I have ever grown!


I found one of our cucumbers flowering in the basement already. That has never happened yet in all the years we have been gardening, and at least that tells me it is soon time for them to head out into the garden.


Growing cabbage is easy, but they are slow growers indoors, at least that is my experience in growing them, but once they get into the garden, they get their growth spurt.


We are preparing a flower bed for our pumpkins this year, and we decided to start quite a few pumpkin plants indoors so those darn chipmunks would not dig up the pumpkin seeds. Last year, those chippies dug up every seed and ate them, and we had to replant.

If anyone has any advice for our soil for the pumpkins to get them to grow big and produce pumpkins, please share your soil advice with us! The last pumpkin growing seasons we have had bad luck. We tried the coffee ground idea last year and we think we might have put too much grounds into the soil and it killed off our pumpkin harvest.

ZUCCHINI 5-15-14

We are attempting to grow zucchini again this year. Every time we try to grow zucchini, either the chippies eat them, or they grow to a certain size, then die off. We are hoping for a good season this year for these guys!

BEANS 5-15-14

I know, you would not have believed me if I had not taken this photo, but yes, we are growing beans in the basement!  A few of our bean plants have small beans growing on them!  This is one of the largest beans we have growing under our nice grow lights!  Pretty neat, eh!


Our Juliet Tomato plants are at the perfect size right now, and I bet they can’t wait to be planted out in the garden soon. Last year, we started our plants way too early and they were so tall that they were hard to handle while being transplanted, this year, we did not want to make that same mistake. We have nine Juliet Tomato plants that are enjoying their new larger pots to grow in.


This is our strawberry patch that has come back nicely since recovering from the winter. If you have ever grown strawberries, you know how they can “take over” an area quite quickly. We started off with approximately 20 strawberry plants about where the arrow is in the above photo, and now, they are almost all the way down to the end of this flower bed. They have finally started to flower this week, and they are right on time, as these are June Bearing Strawberry plants.


This is always a good sign that strawberry season is upon us!


Soon, we will have strawberries!


And now for the best part – – our backyard! Remember one of my last posts on how we had lots of work to do to fix all the winter pee spots from the dogs? Well, they have all been fixed and the backyard is in tip top shape! Not to mention, the grass is so thick and fluffy now from all the rain we have been having.


My flower bed is starting to fill in nicely and our Burning Bush is finally nice and green. It is hard to see in this photo, but I also purchased a few sections of this beautiful metal garden fencing to try to keep the deer out and from eating the flowers. I still need to get one more section to complete it.


We are so pleased on how good the backyard has filled in as well as it has as we are in love with the Quick Seed we are using.


My Sweetie arrived home from work earlier this week and was surprised by our new patio chairs & pads. I finally had to toss my old wicker table & chairs a few weeks ago, and we needed something to sit on in the backyard. I love how the new cushions are reversible to a solid red color too!  That is also my new planter that I got on sale at KMart and I think I might plant some nice red flowers in it with something else that perhaps hangs over the side. Any suggestions on what I should plant?

Nothing But Blue Skies

Last week was pretty much slow going because I was under the weather. I have to laugh because I made it through all the winter months of frigid temps, to only get sick when the weather got warmer, go figure.



Anyhow, I have been slowly plugging along trying to clean up the yard, fix all the pee spot damage, clean out all of the flower beds, lay mulch, and get the garden fence up to keep the deer out. I had to put the garden fence up early, because last year I uncovered our strawberry plants to only have the deer walk in and start eating them, so this year, the fence went up first! (when gardening, you always learn from your mistakes!)  

The photo of our garden fence (above) is six feet tall right now, but I am going to add another two feet of black fencing to the top. The photo (below) shows the awesome idea I had on how I was actually going to increase the height of the fence. Since the green metal garden poles were only so high, I had to figure out a way to add “height” to the fence. So, I grabbed some of our scrap white PVC pipes and inserted them into the green metal poles, and they fit. Now, I am going to pick up a few more of the PVC pipes to install another two feet to the height of the fence to keep the deer out. Hopefully, this will keep them out this year!


I also uncovered our huge strawberry bed with all the straw that covered them through the winter months, as it was time for them to start rejuvenating in the sun rays. What’s amazing about growing strawberries is that the first year you start your plants in the ground, they do not produce. Then, the following year, they produce small amounts of berries. Now, going into our third year for our strawberry patch, we should see some great results and a huge crop!  I still have to build a frame around the strawberry patch to keep the birds out and the chipmunks away.


With the garden fence up, I noticed that I had a bunch of stones leftover from the flower bed borders, so I decided to lay them on the ground to see if I had enough to make us a brick walkway into the garden. And guess what? I had enough!  Right now, the bricks are just laid on top of the grass so I can see the walk design I want, and once I get the design of the walk the way I want it, I will dig the stones into the grass so I can mow right over them. Yes, this is going to take me awhile to dig them all in, but we will have a beautiful stone walkway in our garden area when done. Every year, I try to come up with unique ideas to beautify the backyard and this will be a wonderful addition to the yard.



The next thing that I would like to decide on, is how to “light up” the garden area!  I have seen so many unique ideas on Pinterest that have caught my attention that I might want to try. Here are two ideas:



Our little plants are growing nicely under the warmth of the grow lights and what is amazing, is how some of them were so root bound in their little pots, so transplanting them into larger pots was a must. I get such a kick out of watching them grow every day, giving them the tender loving care that they need. I know that everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of our tomatoes, because we shared hundreds of tomatoes with family and friends last year, as our crop was bountiful.


This is a photo of when I transplanted the seedlings.


The red peppers before transplanting. Look how cute they are!


These are the cucumbers after being transplanted. They are coming along nicely!


The Juliet Tomatoes (in the red containers) and our Cantaloupes (in the green ones).


I am already dreaming of my lunches of tomatoes & cucumbers in the summer!  Oh, the joys of reaping what you sow!  Summer, here we come!

Garden Update June 3, 2013


Ah, the beginning of June has finally arrived.  By now, everyone’s garden should be planted and the hopes of harvesting a plentiful crop is on everyone’s mind.  We are as well, dreaming of the day when we can start picking veggies from the garden, but also watching your plants mature is an adventure in itself.


A few days ago, we took off the Creamora bottles from our zucchini.  The plants have matured enough to stand alone from chippie attacks, but we are still keeping a watchful eye on them.  (one seed still has the bottle over it so the chippies don’t eat it!)


Our strawberry plants are growing like they are on crack and will soon take over the whole garden bed by our garage.  We even got to eat our first few strawberries over the weekend, and need to watch the chippies as they are starting to nip the ripe berries.


The Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce is coming in beautifully in two straight rows.  It is funny how we have some spots that are bushier than others, but that is probably because we might have dropped more seeds in those places.


Both are red and green pepper plants are maturing nicely.  We even have little peppers forming!


Two of our Juliet Tomato plants that we thought we might have lost due the frost we had are actually producing tomatoes right now!  Nice!


I even added some Halloween crows in our garden, which scare the pants off of Roy every time he goes into the garden.  I laugh, but hope that the birds will scare away whatever might enter to munch on our plants.  We’ll see if they do any good, but for now, it provides a good laugh every time we head into our garden.  Here’s one, just hanging around on our garden door.


We headed off to our local garden center over the weekend to purchase the only two plants we did not start from seed.  These Jalapeno plants will be used for my salsa and I will get my Cilantro from our next door neighbor.


All in all, we are so pleased on the progress of our garden as it is coming along nicely.  Even Roy’s Jack Be Little Pumpkin plants are getting bigger by the day.  We also have other pumpkins growing too, which include Connecticut Field and Red Warty Thing pumpkins.  If you have never heard of the Red Warty Thing Pumpkin before, Google it to see how cool it looks! It it reddish orange in color with bumps or warts all over it.  We tried to grow these last year and they did remarkable in the garden, but the deer ate them and we were left with nothing.  This year, we have them protected inside our garden fence, so the deer won’t be munching on them this year.  Live and learn – the gardeners hardships only make them better gardeners!