Seek Immediate Shelter, Now!

This is the emergency message we got on our phones last night, to seek immediate shelter now!  We had a tornado watch in effect and approximately 10,000 lightning strikes, per the news channel we were watching. The tornado siren blared in the background from the fire station down the road, as we sat at the kitchen table watching the rain and lightning. If you click on the photo, you can see the water roughly flowing down our street.


We even got the dogs in their harnesses, just in case we did have to head for cover, but we never had to. We just watched out the front window as our street was filling up with water. Within just a few minutes of the rain starting, we watched as both sides of the street started to look like little rivers with some major force behind them, and then all of a sudden, both little rivers connected, which completely covered our street. The rain just kept coming and before we knew it, the water from the road started to rise up and over the front part of our lawn and up our driveway. We got worried. And, we worried for a good reason because when I headed downstairs to check the basement, it was flooding. Yikes! This is something that no one ever wants to see.


We called our neighbor for help to get the water out as we made numerous trips to dump the shop vac outside into the river in front of the house. I had a brilliant idea and turned on the carpet shampooer to suck up the water in the laundry room, and it worked like a charm, as the guys worked in the other half of the basement with the shop vac. Thank you so much Shawn & Roy for helping clean up the basement! A few hours later, we got all the water out of the basement.


While watching the river in our street get wider and wider, we noticed two large objects coming down the park road towards our road. At first I thought it was two deer, but then realized it was two of the large garbage cans from the park.


There is damage everywhere, the roads took such a big hit with the flooding last night, as huge chunks are missing in the road. The pieces missing are so big that you can even see the metal screen underneath the road in some places.


Now, today, the street sweeper worked on cleaning up the debris on our street, and then I saw the city workers filling in all the holes with blacktop. Thanks guys for your fast clean up!

The only bad news is, that they said we have yet another storm heading our way for tonight. I’ve got the shop vac on stand by…

Spring Storms & Blooms

Cleveland, OH is the only place on earth where you can go from 87 degrees on Monday to 40 degrees by Thursday in one week.  

On Monday, it was sweltering hot and just trying to get through the task of mowing your lawn before you fainted, was tough.  By Wednesday, the weather changed, storms arrived, brought downpours of rain, and I had to put away the flip flops for more suitable footwear.  Yep, we live in Cleveland, OH and this happens all the time. The weather here is so unpredictable.  We’re used to it, but don’t like it.  It sucks.

STORM SKY 5-23-13


STORMS 5-23-13

STORM 5-23-13

Doesn’t the weather man or Mother Nature know that we are trying to start a garden over here?  Geez.  I had to head outside after dinner last night, and completed covered the entire garden with plastic to protect it from the bitter cold and high winds. The garden looks hideous right now, but at least it is covered up and the plants are protected.  Hopefully this will keep the soil warm a bit.  By the time I got inside, I was soaked and freezing.  My fingers felt like they were going to fall off from frost bite.  (not really, but that is what it felt like)  What we thought was amazing, is that our rain barrel has completely filled up from the rain we got this week.  The barrel is either a 50 or 55 gallon barrel and in just a few days of rain, it is overflowing!  We might need to check back with our neighbor to see if we can get a second barrel from him and use it as an overflow barrel.  With the rate at which the barrel filled up, we will have enough rain water to water the garden all season!  Nice!  Now, we can definitely see firsthand why everyone wants rain barrels!  Not to mention, rain water is so much better for your plants than the water coming from your hose.

I love photographing the sky.  The cloud formations lately have been stunning, yet quite eerie.  I can sometimes sit at the kitchen table and watch as the darkness rolls in and changes the skyline completely.  The way the skies looked this past week is like how they would look if we were expecting Halloween to arrive, not Spring.  But, what are you going to do?  Absolutely nothing, just bundle up.  I had to put on my Cleveland Browns hat and warm winter coat just to head outside with the dogs last night.




Earlier in the week, I got some great photographs of our Spring blooms. I have to capture them at just the right time for some stunning buds.  The fern stems are all unrolling, the marigolds are magnificent, the peonies are getting ready to open, and the smell of the neighbors lilac trees fill the air.




Our warmer weather won’t be returning until about Sunday, so I am just going to sit here next to my space heater and keep warm.  And just think, June is just around the corner and I have a winter coat back on!  Something is not right here.


Chickens, Blue Fish & Footballs

I have been one busy dog this past week, with visits from Grandma to trips to the pet store, and today, Mommy and I got to drive Daddy to work today.  (hope we remember to pick him up)   Every time Grandma visits, she brings me a new toy.  She does not have to do that, because I love her anyway, but she always surprises me with new squeaky toys.  On her last few visits, she brought me a squeaky chicken and a squeaky blue fish – Boy oh boy do I love these guys!  I have had so much fun playing with them, tossing them in the air, catching them, chewing on the chickens eyes, and booping Daddy & Mommy on the leg when I want them to throw my toy for me across the room.  (I just have to remember to let go of my toy after I boop them, most of the time, I don’t)  It’s all a game to me.  I love playing.  I love teasing Daddy & Mommy with my toys, then run away down the hall so they can’t get me.  Ha Ha

Mommy surprised me today and got me a stuffed football (without any squeakers though, rats) so I must have been a good girl today.  Heck, I am always a good girl!  Mommy told me that she is getting me ready for football season, and although girls don’t usually get into football that much, she said that I need to know about the game so when they watch football (Go Browns!), I can be ready.  It’s funny though….I heard Mommy & Daddy talking about how Clevelanders are always saying “there’s always next year” when they talk about Cleveland sports. 

We are also in high gear for Halloween and have just received our HUGE Halloween shipment in earlier this week.  Take a peek on their website & see if you can find something to add to your own home haunt this year.   You should also hop over to their blog too at and pick up for yourself some easy decorating ideas for the holidays, tips & tricks for lighting effects, and new product arrivals. 

Hey, did any of you feel the earthquake the other day?  Mommy & I did not feel it here at home, but Daddy felt it at work.  I wonder what is going on with all these quakes lately & bad storms?  We had one doozie of a storm last night that woke us up with the first crack of lightning.  I was not scared, but just in case, I crawled up from the bottom of the bed right next to Daddy & Mommy to be safe.  They comforted me and I finally fell back into a deep slumber on my back with my paws up in the air. 

I hope all of you are having a great day & staying safe from all the storms & quakes!  I’m thinking about you…

Love always, Nikita