Getting The Boot

It should not shock me anymore when I see the news when you hear about something that someone did, but it does – shock me, that is.   I always sit in awe and say “why would they do that?”

So while watching the news yesterday, we saw yet another news story that left us with our jaw dropped wide open.  It appears that a store employee booted an ambulance (of all things) in the stores parking lot while the paramedics were attending to a customer in their store with a life threatening medical attention.  When the ambulance went to leave with the patient, the ambulance was halted in its place by the boot.  The paramedics got out and noticed the boot on the ambulance.  They got the store employee to finally remove the boot, but by that time, the tire got deflated, so the paramedics had to call for a backup ambulance while the patient was in the back suffering with chest pains.

It appears that the store has a strict parking lot policy that if you leave your vehicle in their parking lot, it will be booted.

It was stated in the news report that the employee who booted the ambulance has since been fired and he was unaware it was an ambulance that he booted, as he did not speak any English.  The employee was given a citation for simple criminal damage to property.

Questions that arise are:

  • If the employee could not speak any English, then how could he talk to their customers?
  • Why does the store have “boots” in the first place?
  • Is the patient that was delayed medical attention ok now?
  • Should a store be allowed to “boot” vehicles?

Here are some links to the news story:

What do you think about this?