Sneak Peak Of My New Fascination

I am in love with something new that I have not worked with much. It is a new found love for stenciling. I purchased a medium sized Chrysanthemum stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils for $26.95 which is 21″ across in size.

Ever since I made my patriotic star table top, I got the bug to make some more little table tops to use in our home, and outside for our fire pit nights. This Chrysanthemum stencil is so beautiful and I could not wait to make a table top with it. I found a nice piece of wood in our garage, sanded it, painted it glossy black, and after it dried, I was ready to start stenciling.


Since I just got this stencil, I don’t have all the proper tools like a stencil brush & roller, so I decided that I would not wait to get them, rather I jumped in and I placed the stencil over my piece of wood, grabbed my gray permanent Sharpie and went to work tracing each and every little piece of that stencil onto my wood. It did not take that long to do it, but you had to make sure you did not bump your stencil while doing so. Look at all those little pieces!


After I got the stenciling tracing done, I pulled out my little jar of Behr premium plus ultra Mint Majesty, which I purchased at Home Depot for around $4 for a 7.5 ounce jar, and started to paint. It only took me a few hours to complete the entire stencil by hand painting it with a small brush. Yes, I had to have a steady hand to do this, but it turned out awesome! The Mint Majesty truly pops on the black painted wood. All I need to do now is coat the top of my table top with some Polycrylic to seal the paint real good.


The next step that I need to do is figure out what kind of legs to add to my table top. I did some research on metal table legs and have lots of ideas to choose from, but if you have any ideas on where I can get some metal table legs at a reasonable price, let me know.

I want to stencil everything now with this stencil! It is so beautiful and would definitely add to any home decor!