Wordless Wednesday

Nothing escapes the dogs around here, not even this guy who decided to sit on top of the garage to drive the dogs crazy.


OMG, can you see how full this guys belly is? He must have been storing his nuts over the winter for sure! Time to get on the treadmill little man, or I can open the back door and the dogs can chase you!


What do your doggies see outside the window that drive them crazy?

The Snarky Squirrel

The Snarky Squirrel

The utter disturbance of the faint squeak or squeal from these little rodents have me glued to the window these last few days.  Now that I am tall enough to look out the bedroom window, I can now check out the noises I hear in the backyard.  I am truly convinced that they sit on top of the garage and back fence just to annoy me.  They know that I can’t get them…they just sit there making their annoying little squeaks, eating the leftover bird seed, while laughing at me.  Those snarky little squirrels are annoying.  Between them and those squawking geese, I will never get any rest. 

The busy snark-less puppy,