Hot Dogs Gotta Have Tryptophan in Them


By now, everyone should be back to work after the long holiday weekend, dreading going back to the daily grind.  It’s hard heading back after being home for a few days relaxing, and getting back into the swing of things at the office, but believe me, once you walk through those doors….WHAM, it’s back to normal & the race is on!


But over the weekend, we relaxed, had family & friends over, enjoyed a good fire pit amongst a few rain drops, watched more fireworks & smoke bombs and consumed many many hot dogs.  But what I had noticed is that I was in a constant state of sleepiness to which I contend the hot dogs had tryptophan in them.  I know that hot dogs have lots and lots of stuff in them that I don’t even want to about, but I figured out that my sleepiness was due to the massive consumption of hot dogs.  Hmmm, interesting.  Who knew?


Nikita and Bella had a great time with everyone outside and enjoyed chewing on all the ice cubes.  (did you notice that Bella is still wearing her birthday tutu?)  They love their Grandma and always ended up sitting next to her.  But the funny thing that happened is when Nikita saw something and went to run, and she pulled Auntie on her chair with wheels, right out of the garage.  WHIZZZZZZZ, there goes Auntie!  The only bad thing that came out of this was that Daddy got hurt, as the chair wheel smashed into his ankle.  He’s ok now, once Mommy really got Neosporin on it to heal.  (someone always gets hurt in a holiday related accident, don’t they?)


But there was one thing that I had always wanted to try to photograph, and I got the chance to do so this weekend.  Take photographs of sparklers!  Yeah for sparklers!  Every time someone picked up and lit a sparkler, I went into action!  I tried to hold the camera really still (as I did not have a tripod with me by the fire pit) and just kept snapping away until the sparkler fizzled out.  One by one, everyone kept lighting them, ooooh I was in heaven snapping away!  I could not wait to get back inside to upload all of my photographs to my Dell Mini to see what I had taken.



The outcome of the photographs was not bad at all, for my first time ever taking sparkler pics!  It is just amazing that  the camera can capture each and every little sparkle that shoots off the stick as it slowly <POOFS> itself out.  I will have to do some more research on how to capture a better sparkler photo and have my subject in better focus too, but all in all, I love how they turned out.  (but, if any of you seasoned photographers and have any hot tips on how to photograph sparklers, let me know)






A good time was had by all, no sparkler injuries, fire pit was safely put out, ankle healed, and I am finally out of my hot dog coma.