Meet the Soulsby’s

Sunday was Mommy’s birthday, but she is not divulging how old she is.  (I guess when you get to a certain age, you don’t discuss your age anymore)  Her day started off with opening up birthday cards and a gift from Daddy and she had a surprise visit from Auntie who showered her with gifts (thanks Auntie) and a surprise birthday cake that Daddy snuck into the house.  (thanks Daddy, that was so thoughtful & delicious too)  After Auntie left, Mommy and Daddy had to hurry up & get ready as they were heading out to Hudson, OH to meet their very first blog friends, Dan & Mindy from Soulsby Farm.  The ride out to Hudson was only about 35 minutes, but our GPS system made it interesting because it kept telling us to make an “illegal u-turn” on Route 8.  When we heard the system telling us to do a “u-ie”, and we were like, “you’re kidding, right?”  We ignored the GPS lady who apparently was on crack and continued on our way.

We arrived at the Soulsby’s around 11am and saw Dan on his riding mower with his daughter Zoey making their final cuts before he came over to greet us.  Mindy was outside and had the nicest smile and a warm welcome for us.  We got to meet Jake, their dog who never actually let me pet him, even though I tried a few times, he kept running away.  We got to view their farm and the first stop was the chicken coop.  It was so cool to see chickens running around as we live in the city and don’t have the opportunity to see things like this.  Dan asked Roy if he wanted to hold a chicken, and I thought that he would say no, but he did!  I was surprised and immediately grabbed my camera to snap some great shots of this, as this is something that would go in our photo album for sure!  Roy was a good sport and held the chicken and even snuggled it for a minute and all I kept thinking was “you’re gonna get your eye poked“, but that never happened.  These were happy, nice chickens so no accidents to report.  We walked into the chicken coop to actually witness a chicken laying an egg and Dan yelled over to Roy “pick it up to see how warm it is“.  (another great photo op)  Little Zoey was running around chasing the chickens as it appears that she loves them and just wanted to pet them.  By the way, the hens lay eggs everyday, so they do not have a shortage on “what’s for breakfast” on their farm!

Dan said that he made the mistake by giving the chickens some uncut cucumbers one day and they liked it, but now they walk all around the cucumber patch and help themself.  He leaves some “decoy” cucs out in the field so they eat those instead of the unpicked ones. 

Zoey was helping Mindy pick some cherry tomatoes, but she needed a little help to only pick the “red” ones.  She was so adorable in the garden, and had so much fun walking around with us.  Dan and Mindy had rows and rows of tomatoes that were fully stocked with green ripening tomatoes that would make anyone salivate.   Dan even offered us a stalk to eat of his freshly picked celery and on my first bite, it tasted like it already had salt on it.  That was so incredible! 

As we continued through his garden, we walked further out on his property to find rows of corn, peas, sunflowers, and lots of fresh fragrant basil.  Then, to our amazement, we saw all the rows of the pumpkins!  WOW!  Dan’s pumpkin patch puts our little patch that we’re growing to shame!  We walked up and down the rows to see if we could find any little pumpkins growing and we found quite a few.  Mommy always gets a kick out of the little pumpkin “feelers” that unroll and attach themselves to whatever is around them, and she got a neat photo of one of the feelers attached to one little blade of grass. 

The heat on Sunday was unbearable, so we went inside for awhile and chatted.  We found out that Mindy is a graphic designer and has an etsy shop where she sells her hand drawn artwork.  We were blown away with the prints that she showed us, as Mommy absolutely LOVED the little tomato design that Mindy drew and wants that one badly!  If you want to checkout Mindy’s designs on etsy, here is the link ZOEYZOO.   If you have kids, you will definitely want to watch Mindy’s etsy shop to see her new arrivals.

With all good things, sometimes they must come to an end.  As we waved goodbye to Dan, Mindy & Zoey there is one thing that we will never forget, our new friends that were the nicest people you would ever meet.  Mommy had the best birthday ever and loved all of her cards, gifts, cake and the nicest visit ever that made her birthday so special.  Now, it’s our turn to invite Dan & Mindy over to our house for dinner and they can see our garden, which is a lot smaller than theirs, but we are proud of it.  (So, Dan & Mindy, pick out a Saturday that is good for you & let us know so Mommy can whip up something delicious for all of us!)  We are so happy that we got to meet our first blog friends ever and hope to one day meet some more!  Thanks to everyone who made Mommy’s birthday so special, as it is a day that she & Daddy will never forget.

Counting Down The Days Until 2

It seemed like yesterday when I had my 1st birthday and was showered with presents, chew toys, a cake, and had to wear one of those pointed birthday hats (gosh, I hated that hat!) and now, I have less than a week before I turn 2!  I am so excited and I can’t wait to open more presents.  I heard Daddy & Mommy talking the other day about “something” and I could not make it out, because you know how us doggies work….”we listen only for the words we know” and all other words are just spoken and we ignore them.  Well, I can’t figure it out what they were talking about, and now some big box arrived the other day and they would not let me look in it, rats!  That magical box must hold one good present if they won’t show me.  Can’t I open it early?  No?  Oh well, I’ll wait until next week.  Mommy is also planning on getting me something special as I heard her say that she is going “bye bye” over the weekend to pick up my gift – I wonder if I can go with her?  That Daddy & Mommy of mine are so special as they spoil me throughout the year, but as any doggie knows, “we always have room for more toys”.

So make sure you SAVE THE DATE:  7-18-12 is my birthday and I’m turning two!  Also, make sure you check back on that day to see the coolest post ever… ME growing up and the story behind how I got here.

With the excitement of my Birthday news, we have also been busy over here tending to the garden.  That is a full time job in itself, as every day brings news of our veggies maturing, and different ways we are trying to keep the deer and the chippies from eating our pumpkins and flowers. 

We noticed earlier this week that we have our first zucchini growing quite quickly, and we just picked our first batch of cherry tomatoes today, with our beefsteak tomatoes now starting to turn colors too!  That is such great news!  We also even have a tiny, and I mean tiny, Jack Be Little Pumpkin that has formed this week, and it is so adorable, if you could call a pumpkin adorable, but we do.  When we blow up the photo of our little Jack, it appears that it is all fuzzy.  Never knew that a pumpkin started off fuzzy, but I guess the little Jacks do.  Our Red Warty Thing Pumpkin plant gets larger every day and as we mentioned before, the stalk on this thing is HUGE!  It is like a small tree trunk!  So, we can’t wait to see how the actual pumpkin will look after it starts forming. 

We are also working on setting up a date to meet our first blog friends from Soulsby Farm.  Dan & his wife from Soulsby Farm has an awesome farm in Hudson, OH and we follow their blog.  They have a really great blog with great tips and photographs all about their farm & family.  So, if you want to checkout their blog, make sure that you tell them that Nikita referred you!  We’ll update you with lots of pictures after our visit to their farm, so you won’t want to miss that!

Here’s some photographs of our “Garden Guy” showing off our veggies progress:

Click to Enlarge our little fuzzy Jack Be Little Pumpkin