Festivus Snow Days

It comes as no surprise that we got snow, and LOTS of it!  We watched it come down the entire day yesterday with such vengence.  Definitely over 6″ for sure hit our town.  It was pretty to watch as we sat in a warm house drinking our warm coffee, but having to clean off your drive and sidewalk was a different story.


It was that thick heavy snow that blanketed everything. Tree branches were heavily covered in thick white snow, even a deer we saw had snow piled up on its head while he stood in our neighbors backyard eating his bushes.

Let it Snow

Our neighbors had a lot of fun in the snow with friends building snowmen across the street.  It was fun to watch as they rolled the snow balls around the ground creating the perfect snowman body parts.  One after the other, they built three snowmen and even a snow turtle!


One snowman, or snow woman, was built with anatomical parts! And she was even a smoker with a cigarette hanging out the side of her snow face! (gotta love snow humor, eh!)


We had our neighbors over for pizza the other night, before all the snow hit us, and we dined at the table adorned in red & gold. Who said eating pizza can’t be fancy?


After dinner, we took a ride to see a holiday light show.  We just love how this guy decorates his house and yard with lights!  When you sit in front of his house, you turn your radio to a certain frequency and listen to Christmas music as you watch his light show!  It is a spectacular light show to watch!

Here is the link to his light show from last year: http://vimeo.com/57824434


Nikita got a new sweater too when Bella got hers, but it is not as easy as Bella’s was to put on, but she loves it!  It definitely makes it easier to dry her off when she comes in from playing in all the snow.  The sweater provides warmth, and a good shield from snow balls in her fur.



The pictures of Nikita (above) are before all of the snow hit us.  Now, the backyard is piled high with the white stuff.  Snow forts were built so they could have a shoveled off area to potty in, and the snow is packed down into the ground from all of our trips outside.

After all the playing was done for the day, Nikita took advantage of her quiet time and napped with her favorite teddy bear.


What a week we had with all the snow and excitement!  As the snow is still coming down, we can take a little break for now as the driveway is finally all cleared again, until we have to head back out and do it all over again.  Just think, Winter has not even officially begun yet!

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