Our Blustery Weekend

When we heard the news that it was going to snow this weekend, and in large quantities, we knew it was going to be B-A-D. There was no way that we were going to miss this snow storm, and it hit us with such magnitude that we are running out of places to shovel it!


The snow started here for us on Saturday and never stopped until Monday evening. On Sunday, I think that I shoveled the driveway about six times, just to keep up with the amount of snow that kept falling. Each time I went out to shovel, the snow kept getting heavier and heavier, and I was running out of steam. I went to bed tired and feared what I would find when I woke up on Monday morning.


Thank goodness that Monday morning was not that bad and my Sweetie was able to get out of the driveway for work without having me to shovel. The snow just kept coming most of the day with high winds and a wind chill that would freeze your fingers in a short time. I am so mad at the snow plows because after my Sweetie headed off to work, they filled up the bottom of our driveway with so much ice and snow that I could not shovel it. Our snow blower could not even move the two to three foot wide pile of gunk they left. I started to worry. I waited outside it seemed like an hour to flag down a truck to plow it out, with no luck. I kept going outside in the hopes to catch a truck passing by and my luck paid off because I flagged down a nice guy who backed in our drive and plowed out the pile of ice and snow for me. Phew. What a day!


The weekend was such a blur. Did nothing but shovel snow, oh wait, I think I got some laundry done in there somewhere, but we are once again, all caught up with our snow removal until our next snow storm hits us in a few days.


Well carved out drive and sidewalks! I need a flag to put in our snow mound.


Our snow mounds down the driveway are getting higher, and wider!


We can’t even see our neighbors any longer! Our unplanned privacy fence between our yards!


The entrance to the poop pit, all shoveled out. The snow walls are higher than the dogs now and they feel like they are in a little room.


Our raised garden is back there somewhere under all of that snow! Gosh, I miss our garden so much.


Standing inside the shoveled out poop pit, looking at our huge snow piles.


This is how Bella dealt with all of this white confetti. Way to go Bella! What a team player, eh?

I am taking it easy today and resting for our next snow storm.