Woke Up To A Winter Wonderland

It did not surprise me that I woke up to all of this snow this morning. We had another clipper blow through here last night and it was supposed to last through the morning. My Sweetie left for work without waking me up, and I felt bad because I normally shovel the driveway on days like this so he could get out. He got out ok, phew!


The one thing that drives me nuts is how you get your driveway all cleared off, you’re pooped from shoveling, you need some warm coffee, and then the snowplow guy drives past and covers up the end of your drive with snow again. Ug. The endless process of snow removal.

1-9-15 NIKITA

Nikita always watches me from the back door and makes sure that I am ok. What a sweet girl looking out for Mommy!


This is what our temps here in wintery Cleveland, OH have looked like for the past few days. Cold, eh?  I get a kick out of the “real feel” temps, and trust me, it really did feel like -25 with the cold winds. No matter how bundled up you were, the winds just blew right through ya.

I still need to head back out to clear off the end of the driveway from the snow plows attempts to make my day miserable, and endless.

Digging Out


We got the snow that the weather forecaster said we were going to get, now we have to wait to see what will be dumped on us today.  After spending the entire day yesterday shoveling the driveway to keep up with the snowfall, I am glad that when we woke this morning, that there is not much more to clean up on the driveway, but more snow is on its way.




I was enjoying my morning coffee early this morning, after taking Bella outside and when I looked out the kitchen window, I saw that one of our local police cars was stuck in the snow on the side street to the park that is across the street from our house.  I sat there for a few minutes, laughing, but then I felt bad that I laughed.  I bundled myself up in my snow pants and grabbed the snow shovel by the back door and went over to see if I could assist.  Another officer was there too trying to help, but his car was stuck in the deep snow.  They said that they called a tow truck to pull him out and that it should be arriving shortly.  The officer that was stuck said that in 14 years on the force, he has never had to get towed out of the snow!  They were pleasantly surprised that I came to their assistance, and thanked me and wished me a Merry Christmas.  I feel better now for going over to assist them, although I did nothing to help, it was the right thing to do.  Merry Christmas to you police officer who was stuck in the snow!  


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