Winter Advisory

It’s amazing how I always know when it’s the right time to head outside…usually when it’s pouring rain (why can’t I ask to go outside before it rains?) or for instance last night, I asked to head outside and was surprised to see it snowing…really really hard.  We were in the middle of watching the Browns lose to the Steelers (knew that would happen) and I had to go out.  Silver dollar sized snowflakes started piling up on top of my head, back, and tip of my tail, until I shook, then in seconds, they were back on top of me.  That snow lasted for only about an hour or so, but it blanketed the ground so nicely.  Even while watching the Browns game, we noticed the snow starting to fall on the field and players as the weatherman predicted it would.  Today, we are supposed to get hit with more snow to make the morning commute to work really bad, so buckle down Cleveland, we are finally going to get the snow that we have been so lucky to miss so far. 

We had to laugh one day while driving around, when we came across this snow blowin sign near the side of the road.  Snow blowin?  Really?  Come on!  Isn’t it called Snow Plowing?  We laughed none the less.



I had a really super great Christmas with lots of toys that I found under the tree.  Remember the little round bally thing I kept watching under the tree, well, it was for me and I knew it.  I remember when Mommy was wrapping it and it accidentally squeaked, so I knew it was for me.  (I knew it was for me because Daddy does not get gifts that have squeakers in them, ha ha)  I actually did better this year because I unwrapped my own gifts – yep, I just ripped into them, played & chewed with the wrapping paper, then picked up the new toy and squeaked it.  Ah, I was in doggie Heaven with all my new found toys, one happy puppy! 

The snow is starting to come down now really hard here, so we are going to get ready for some all day shoveling, or some grueling “snow blowin”.

Stay warm & bundle up when you head outside!  I will for sure have my sweater on when I head outside today to play in the snow.

Snow Doggie Nikita 

ATTENTION All Snow Plowers!

Hey everyone, this is a shoutout to all the snow plowers out there, we know that the season for snow plowing is upon us and we want to help YOU get the word out about your snow plowing service. 

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