Thawing Out

In our little spot in the world today, we started to thaw out. The temps were around 40 degrees, water was flowing through the gutters which was a pleasant sound since they have been a solid block of ice, and the poop pit is no longer an ice skating rink. It was a good day today.

Yahoo, I can smell Spring!

Yahoo, I can smell Spring!

When Nikita went outside today, she jumped up on the side of the snow mound to look around, and stuck her head up in the air to take a good sniff of the air. She smelled Spring today!

NIKITA1 3-8-15

Nikita took a running jump and she was up on top of the snow mound in seconds!  I snapped this photo at the perfect moment and got the snow flying through the air.

NIKITA4 3-8-15

Nikita got so excited when she saw Daddy in the bedroom window looking at her playing.

NIKITA2 3-8-15

I love this photograph of Nikita enjoying her day in the snow.

NIKITA3 3-8-15

Nikita is so photogenic.

BELLA3 3-8-15

Bella, of course, wanted a chance to show off her mountain goat abilities too!

BELLA4 3-8-15

Ok, I’m done with this snow mound!

BELLA2 3-8-15

I’m so tall, I can see into the neighbors yard!  Hey, there’s birdies over there!

BELLA1 3-8-15

What do you mean I have to come down now?  I’m king of the hill!


With the perfect temps today, I just had to make some snow doggies in the front yard! As you can see, I tried to make a snow doggie Nikita and Bella! (and, if you look at the front door, Nikita is watching out the door too)


Snow doggie Bella!


All in all, we had a good day. We started to thaw a bit and look forward to the upcoming week of temps in the 40’s where we can get rid of a lot of this snow. The dogs had an awesome play day in the high snow mounds, the poop pit thawed so no more pee pee splits, and snow doggies now sit in the front yard to wave to people driving past. It was a good day.

Snow Doggies

I love our dogs! There is nothing that I would not do for them. I will never get tired of seeing them sit in the front door together, side by side, watching the cars, deer (aka “Big Doggies”), an occasional kitty, and the police cars that patrol the area.


This is Bella’s other new sweater! She looks like a little lady bug in her new pink sweater with black polka dots! I used a neat photo effect on this photo called colored pencil. I love how it brought out Bella’s coloring and defined the bricks on the house.


Bella loves her new sweaters because she is now nice and warm and her butt is now covered well too!


What is the funnest thing to do when it snows? Build Snow Doggies! Here is my rendition of Nikita and Bella as Snow Doggies! I can’t even tell you how many people slowed down to take a look at them when they drove past the house!


Snow Doggie Nikita even had a stick in her mouth!


Little Snow Doggie Bella had a stick too, but she also had a frozen ice ball sitting next to her that was made by freezing water in a balloon.


Winter is such a great time to get outside and have some fun! Have you made any snow doggies in your yard yet?

From Below Zero to 46 in Three Days

I find our weather interesting.  We are used to the ever-changing weather where we live, but this past week was truly interesting.  Our week started off with a polar vortex that blew through here with temps below zero, to us waking up this morning to the ground all covered in that white stuff again. Ug.  It has warmed up to 46 degrees today, which we are so thankful for.  A heat wave from Monday!


But, without any complaining, I headed back outside and cleaned off the driveway (again) and decided I would take a little time for myself and built two snow doggies.  I built a snow dog Nikita and a snow dog Bella which sit high on top of a snow pile at the end of the driveway.  They both have little sticks in their mouths and Bella is sitting next to a red colored ice ball that I froze in a balloon in the freezer and added some red food coloring.  The red ice ball actually looks like one of Bella’s balls sitting next to her! Gotta love it!




While I was outside, I decided to take down all of our Christmas decorations while it was somewhat warm outside today.  I got tired of looking at them, so I felt it was time for them to get stored away.  Only the gutter lights are still up since I need some assistance to take these down.  I did hang the wood LOVE sign I made on the front door, to welcome VAL-entine’s Day with open arms!

We finally got our mailbox replaced by the city yesterday, so now our mail will not blow out because we have a door that actually closes now! Nikita watched diligently by the front window while the city workers threw our old mailbox into the back of their truck and installed a new one. Don’t worry, Bella was watching at the front door too, as she does not miss a thing that goes on in the neighborhood.



NEW MAILBOX2   1-9-14

We are getting really excited for next week, because American Idol Season 13 starts on Wednesday & Thursday.  So, if you are an Idol fan, make sure you don’t miss the first episode, as Keith Urban will be returning as a judge, along with Jennifer Lopez, and the heart-throb Harry Connick Jr.!  We are excited for this season of Idol as we won’t miss the cat fights that happened last season from Mariah and Nikki. Their fighting actually took away a lot of time from the contestants who were trying to get their gold ticket to Hollywood.  So, stay tuned as we do our weekly update of our favorites!

We hope your week was a good one and we’re glad it’s Friday already! Can’t wait to see what the weekend will have in store for us! What plans do you have for the weekend?