Happy VAL-entine’s Day!

Happy VAL-entine’s Day!  Yup, it’s here and I hope you have already told the ones you love how much you appreciate them, love them, and how glad that they are in your life.

The most important part of this holiday, is that it does not mean that you only tell the one you love that you “love them” on this day.  We all need to realize that every day is a gift and we should show our appreciation for our loved  ones throughout the year. 

For example, I would not be here today if my Daddy didn’t need kitty food.  I know that sounds strange, but if it weren’t for my Daddy needing to pick up kitty food at PetSmart, I would have never been adopted into a loving home.  I went home with him & my new Mommy that day, and have been the luckiest doggie ever since. 

I want to thank my Daddy for providing me a wonderful home, good food to eat, all the toys I can imagine, and a treat jar that never seems to be empty.  I am also thankful for having a place where I can snuggle every night (which is right in between both Daddy & Mommy).  I am also thankful for my Mommy who takes care of me, wipes my feet when I come in from outside, cleans up after me, brushes me to keep my fur looking awesome & fluffy, and gives me all the hugs & kissies throughout the day.  Without my Daddy & Mommy, I am not sure what kind of life I would have, but I am one thankful doggie with lots of love to give.

My Mommy wants to thank Daddy for loving her, and being a wonderful provider, having a beautiful place to live where she can call home, and she wants to thank Daddy for Me, as I bring Mommy so much joy and keep her company during the day.  Mommy has a lot to be thankful for too and she hopes that Daddy knows how much she loves him (and me too). 

I played again today in all the snow we got and Mommy and I built another Snow Doggie!  This one is a lot bigger than the first one we built and it is sitting on top of our highest snow mound in the front yard so everyone driving by can see it.  Mommy even put my first leash I had around the snow doggies neck along with a pink heart for Valentine’s Day.  We have already seen some gawkers looking at our snow doggie as they drive by.  (By the way, did you notice the “LOVE” sign on our front door?  Mommy made this out of wood over the summer for Daddy) 

All in all, today has been a great day!  We sent Daddy off to work with a bag of Valentine treats (heart-shaped cookies that Mommy & I made for him), and some handmade Valentine cards, and even some chocolate candy that we made for him, all of which was placed inside a handmade “mailbox” made out of cardstock paper.  Daddy loved everything…phew!  We just wanted him to know how much he is loved. 

I wish all of my blog friends, my family, and everyone who stops by a very happy Valentine’s Day from one thankful dog.  You are all very special to me! 

With lots of love, wet kisses, tail wags & hugs,

Winter Advisory

It’s amazing how I always know when it’s the right time to head outside…usually when it’s pouring rain (why can’t I ask to go outside before it rains?) or for instance last night, I asked to head outside and was surprised to see it snowing…really really hard.  We were in the middle of watching the Browns lose to the Steelers (knew that would happen) and I had to go out.  Silver dollar sized snowflakes started piling up on top of my head, back, and tip of my tail, until I shook, then in seconds, they were back on top of me.  That snow lasted for only about an hour or so, but it blanketed the ground so nicely.  Even while watching the Browns game, we noticed the snow starting to fall on the field and players as the weatherman predicted it would.  Today, we are supposed to get hit with more snow to make the morning commute to work really bad, so buckle down Cleveland, we are finally going to get the snow that we have been so lucky to miss so far. 

We had to laugh one day while driving around, when we came across this snow blowin sign near the side of the road.  Snow blowin?  Really?  Come on!  Isn’t it called Snow Plowing?  We laughed none the less.



I had a really super great Christmas with lots of toys that I found under the tree.  Remember the little round bally thing I kept watching under the tree, well, it was for me and I knew it.  I remember when Mommy was wrapping it and it accidentally squeaked, so I knew it was for me.  (I knew it was for me because Daddy does not get gifts that have squeakers in them, ha ha)  I actually did better this year because I unwrapped my own gifts – yep, I just ripped into them, played & chewed with the wrapping paper, then picked up the new toy and squeaked it.  Ah, I was in doggie Heaven with all my new found toys, one happy puppy! 

The snow is starting to come down now really hard here, so we are going to get ready for some all day shoveling, or some grueling “snow blowin”.

Stay warm & bundle up when you head outside!  I will for sure have my sweater on when I head outside today to play in the snow.

Snow Doggie Nikita 

Fall Back Tonight!

Gonna lose an hour of sleep tonight, bummer

Well, it’s that time of year again when we have to set our clocks “Back” one hour for Daylight Savings Time and that means that I am going to lose an hour of my precious sleep, bummer!  Oh well, that means that I will need to take a cat dog nap later with Daddy and that is always fun!  Morning trips outside will be darker for sure now!

I still can’t believe though that Halloween is over already.  Those two hours of actual trick-or-treating goes so fast.  We are almost done putting away all of our tombstones and props as that was such a huge chore to wrap everything back up the way we took it out of the box.  Since we had such a fun time creating a lot of our props this year, we have new plans on the back burner for next year, so look out for some interesting new tweaks to our home haunt!  We are still drying our pumpkin seeds all week and they should be ready to be stored away for planting for next year.
Mommy has been trying to keep up with all the leaves in the yard as they are still falling and filling up the backyard on a daily basis.  Everytime I head outside, I always grab a few of them in my mouth and then run around like a tazmanian devil all over, and I make Mommy dizzy when I do this while she holds onto my leash.  LOL  (sorry Mum) 
The snow will be falling soon, unfortunately, but I can’t wait!  That means that I can now “pee” in the driveway!  Yep, I said pee in the driveway!  Heck, I’m a dog and I don’t know any better and when I see the “white stuff” on the drive, I don’t know that it’s not the grassy area, so I let myself go!  Mommy & Daddy think it’s funny, but I am doing a great job of melting the snow by the back door for sure!  LOL   The colder weather also means that I get to dress up in my fleece sweater to stay warm, but it always seems to be a hassle to put that thing on me.  I fuss a lot when Mommy is trying to get that thing on me, but I am happy though once it is on because I stay nice and warm!  I wonder if Mommy & Daddy will get me little boots to wear this year to keep my toes warm!   If you remember, last year I was only a little puppy when I got to see my first snow, so this year I know what I am getting into!  Maybe Mommy and me can make more snow doggies and another fort for me to play & dig in.  That was a lot of fun last year!  Can’t wait to see what we create this winter! 
Anyhow, don’t forget to set your clocks BACK one hour tonight before you head off to sleep! 

The Jolly Man in the Red Suit

On the Vet's table while Mommy comforts me...

Saturday started off like a typical weekend day, I wake up and Daddy takes me outside then gives me breakfast.  For some reason, today felt different.  Daddy & Mommy were scurrying around getting dressed and they don’t usually do that so early on the weekends… now I know why.  Daddy told me that we were going to go for a ride in the car (and boy oh boy do I love to do that), and then I was bush-winked when we arrived at the V – E – T – S!  Oh no!  What did I do to deserve to come here?  We waited for our turn in the lobby and I met a nice dog named Caesar, he was cool, but bigger than me.  I liked him because he did not growl at me.  Then I heard someone call my name… “Nikita is next“.  Next for what I asked?  Anyhow, the door opened and Daddy & Mommy took me into the room with that tall cold steel table – not happy about that, but the really super nice vet came in and said hello to me and gave me a cookie, so I was better.  Daddy took a really nice picture of me and Mommy while she comforted me on that cold steel table. (that was nice of Daddy, because Mommy is not in many pictures because she is the one who is always behind the camera)  Thanks Daddy.  Anyhow, my vet visit was a quick one, phew!  Found out today that I am now 28.6 pounds – W O W, I am growing fast!  Anyhow, I said goodbye to all of my friends at the Vets, and sniffed all my doggie friends too and we were off! 

I took a little snooze in the car on Mommy’s lap as Daddy drove and we ended up at one of my favorite places… PetSmart!  WOW, Daddy and Mommy had a surprise for me, as I got to meet the jolly man in the red suit – SANTA CLAUS! 

Me & Santa Claus

He was nice, but I was a little leary of him at first, until he snuck me a little treat, so he is cool now.  I got to sit on his lap and got my picture taken with that great jolly fellow.  He asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I could not think of anything that I don’t already have, so I looked blankly into his eyes for that question, then he said “do you want some kitties for Christmas?” I perked up when he said that, but we already have kitties at home that I love!  After seeing Santa, Daddy & Mommy picked up a few things at the store, and I think that I saw some squeaky toys in the shopping cart for me, but how come I did not get them when I got home? Hmmm?  I wonder if they are for me for Christmas?  I’ll have to wait and see now, won’t I?  (Daddy is so good to me because he always makes sure that I have good food in my belly, lots of treats, and lots of toys to play with!  Daddy even got me a new “Condo”.  I kinda outgrew my first cage, and Daddy got me this huge thing I call my Condo which I can pull every single toy in there with me, and still have tons of room to lay on my fluffy pillow that Mommy gave me!  Thanks Daddy! 

Well, I said goodbye to Santa at PetSmart for now, and told him that I was a good puppy, so I hope that I will get lots of presents from that jolly fellow on Christmas morning.  (Hope it is not any of that black coal stuff I heard about)  Anyhow, we arrived home and I had to run around in the snow again before we went inside the house for lunch.  While we were outside, Mommy and I made a “Snow Dog”

Snow Dog

and put the leash on the dog that I used when I was adopted.  The Snow Dog kinda looks like me (I think that is what Mommy was trying to do) and I heard that Mommy wants to make a bigger Snow Dog and put it on top of our huge snow mound in the front yard.  (that Mommy of mine is so creative)  Well, I am all tuckered out from all the running around we did, so it is time for this puppy to take a nap. 

Keep watching my blog as I’ve got more great photographs to share and maybe a few more videos of me too!  Take care & be careful when driving in all the snow! 

I Love My Daddy!

Hugs & wet puppy kisses to you!