No Dumping Allowed

For about two months now, I have been waking up anywhere between 2-3am due to allergies and that nasty post-nasal drip.  Sleep for me has been lacking, but it just occurred to me, that I know exactly when the birds start to chirp each and every morning, and it is like clockwork, as if they are telling us “it’s time to get up”.  I would rather be sleeping and catching a well needed rest, but allergies always get the best of me and I find myself up with the birds, and in this case today, the deer.

The deer in our neighborhood are always up and about really early in the morning, and we have been seeing a lot of little babies with those adorable white spots all over them running around.  Yesterday morning, I walked to the front window just to peek out of the mini blinds and saw a Mommy deer standing right on our sidewalk by the front porch, and I whispered to her through the open window “What are YOU doing?” as she looked at me, and up popped a head of her little one, standing right next to her.  They were having their morning breakfast on our bushes.

This morning was no different when I peeked out the front windows, but I saw them across the street all roaming around the little field behind our KMart.  Two little babies were running and jumping and playing with each other while their Mommies kept a close eye on them.  I caught the perfect photograph of one of the deer…


I guess it does not matter what the sign says, as when you gotta go, you gotta go!