Mod Podge Coasters




Mod Podge projects are all over the internet, but I finally decided to give it a try.  I am in love with the results!  When I was at the Dollar Store the other day, I noticed that they had individual coasters with a nice cork bottom, so I picked up two of them to try out my Mod Podge.  I had a pack of 20 holiday folksy Santa napkins sitting around and decided to cut up one of the napkins for this project.

I opened up the napkin and placed my coaster on top, then drew with a pen an outline on the napkin, then cut out the Santa.  I took my Mod Podge Gloss Lustre and squeezed a few drops all over the top of the coaster and spread the glue around with a small sponge.  (you have to work quick as the Mod Podge dries fast)  I then placed the cutout Santa napkin on top of the glue and rubbed my fingers gently over the top to remove any bubbles.  (since you are working with a napkin as your design, you need to be careful as to not rip it when removing any air bubbles)  Let it dry for at least 15-20 minutes.  After it was dried, I squeezed a few drops of Mod Podge on top of the napkin and spread the glue around and also spread the glue around the edges of the coaster as well.  Let this step dry, then apply a second top coat of Mod Podge.

There you have it, a nice holiday Santa Coaster!  I am hooked on Mod Podge and will definitely have to pick up more coasters!  Don’t forget that you can use cute scrapbook paper, photographs, and any other design for your Mod Podge projects as these would make some great gifts!  I can already see some adorable Valentine’s Day coasters in my future!

When Puppies Turn into Reindeers

Why is it that every holiday, everyone thinks it’s fun to dress up your pet?  Everyone does it.  Do I look like I am having fun?  I think not.  Daddy & Mommy picked me up a pair of antlers over the weekend, and when I heard the jingle noise coming from the bag, I knew I was in trouble.  They even hooked a big jingle bell to my collar, so everytime I shake or run or move, I jingle.  Now, they are calling me “Jingles”!

Us pets truly don’t like playing “dress up”, but our parents think that we’re cute and adorable and adorn us with all kinds of stuff, from t-shirts, sweaters, raincoats (thank God I don’t have one of these yet), and as you can see from my photographs, even reindeer antlers!  Geez, what’s up with that?  I am not sure why I don’t like dressing up, but look at me… my ears are back and I am not happy.  The look on my face tells it all, but Mommy continued to snap more photo’s of me and my facial expressions and she kept going “Aw, you look so cute”.  Perhaps I do look cute, but dogs aren’t reindeer, right?  Or do we turn into reindeer around the holidays?  I hope this is a one time thing, phew!

I heard from Daddy that I am going to see Santa this weekend and get my photo taken with him.  I remember that last year was the first time I saw this big jolly ole fella in the red suit and he scared me to death.  I wonder what I am going to do this year when I see him?  Here is my picture with Santa from last year – don’t I look scared?  What in the heck was I scared of?  Who knows, but this year hopefully will be a different story.  Hope Santa has some treats in his pocket! 

Me & Santa 2010

Over the weekend, the deer were at it again, and they ripped off more of our LED Christmas lights off our front bushes!  Those darn deer!  I think all the berries that were on the bushes are all gone, so now we think that they are now munching on the actual bushes now.  Daddy was really upset Sunday morning when he noticed that almost a full string of lights were pulled off and laying on the grass.  He had to head back outside to fix them (again). 

I am going to help Mommy wrap Christmas presents today, as she makes all the gifts look so pretty with big fluffy bows on them and of course, she designs her own gift tags too!  If anyone wants my Mommy to wrap their gifts and make them look pretty, let me know! 

QUESTION:  To all the doggies out there, what does your Daddy & Mommy dress you up in for the holidays? 

With Love Always, Nikita the Jingles Puppy