Going To New Heights

If you have followed along with our garden adventures, you know that last year was the year for critter & deer attacks in our garden. And, since we learn from our experiences, this year we are taking action on keeping the deer out of our garden.

Last year, our garden fence was six feet high, and the deer just jumped right up and over the fence to our amazement. We never knew that a deer could just stand there and jump up that high, well we know now. So this year, I am adding more height to our garden fence with the hopes that this will keep out the deer.


As you can see from our photographs, the garden fence frame starts with those nice 5′ high metal stakes which we pound into the ground. Then we unrolled the thick black plastic fencing which is 3′ in height and attached that to the garden stakes with tie wraps. We then added the second layer on top of that to make the fence 6′ in height and tie wrapped those two layers into place.

This is where the dilemma begins. Since I am at the top of those metal stakes now, I need more height & stability to add another layer of garden fencing. Now what? I sat there for awhile and wondered how to get this accomplished and then had a fantastic idea. I grabbed some small PVC pipes I had (and borrowed a few from our wonderful neighbor) and slipped the PVC pipes into the back of those green metal stakes and they fit perfectly! Now, I have heightened the frame perfectly, but there is still a problem. I need to secure the PVC pipes to the green stakes and tie wraps were not strong enough.


A light bulb went off in my head and I ran for my power tools, which is always the answer! I drilled a small hole near the bottom of the PVC pipes, then slipped the PVC pipe into the back of the green metal stake and added a screw and a nut to tighten it. Problem solved. Now I can add the third layer of fencing to the PVC pipes and secure it with tie wraps!


Since I was up on the ladder, I had to take this photograph of our garden. I love how our garden area is coming along and it makes me smile everytime I head into this gorgeous area. Our garden fence is now almost nine feet in height, and we can now relax at night and not worry about a deer jumping into the garden. Well, we hope they don’t at least. It’s not the prettiest of fences, but we use what we have to work with.

CLOUDS 6-3-14

With that out of the way, I still have a few more plants to get into the garden, believe it or not. We still had our Connecticut Field Pumpkins downstairs under the grow lights and it was time to get them out in the garden. We are planting them in our back garden bed with high hopes that we will have pumpkins to carve for Halloween.

BELLA 6-5-14

Bella loves heading into the garden area with me, as I think she thinks it another room. She can’t wait for me to open the garden door and she walks around smelling the plants. She watched me planting the pumpkins and sniffed all the pots that I threw on the grass. I added a small trellis for the pumpkins to crawl up too.


Definitely, these pumpkins are ready to be planted!


The pumpkins new home & trellis.


Bella found a new friend in the garden and had to check it out.


Our leaf lettuce is coming up nicely!


We started eight Romaine Lettuce plants under the grow lights and this is how big they are already. We also planted a few more seeds too in the section right next to this area for a few more plants, just in case. I love the taste of Romaine Lettuce a lot more than leaf lettuce, and can’t wait to make some delicious chicken caesar┬ásalads.

Gardening is always an adventure as you just never know what is going to happen from year to year, but the experiences are always interesting. We love sharing our gardening adventures with you and we hope that we inspire you along the way.