Why did the Deer cross the road?

Spending time with Daddy

It’s Sunday morning and I’m spending some quality time with Daddy while Mommy is still sleeping and I was whispering to Daddy what I wanted for Christmas, and then all of a sudden… this big huge “dog” came out of nowhere, no wait… that’s not a dog, it’s something called a “Buck”!  WOW, Daddy said that he has not seen one of these in a long time around the house.  Boy oh boy was he ever big, don’t want to mess with this guy!  Even though I growled at it from the safety of my own home (through the front window with my squeaky toy in my mouth), I still don’t want to run into this big guy when I am outside.  I already had a run in with a Mommy deer one night, and she was stomping her feet into the ground at me & snorting, and Mommy told me that she was doing that because she had her babies with her.  Who cares about that, that Mommy deer interrupted my #2 bathroom break, now I can’t go!    Until later, Nikita

Why did the deer cross the road?

What’s that Big White Thing?

What's that BIG white thing?

I keep seeing Mommy & Daddy opening up this BIG white thing.  I am curious as to what it is.  I know that I am a lot cooler standing in front of it, yet they keep telling me to “get out”!  Hey, the stuff in here looks good, but where is my puppy food?  (What is Omaha Steaks?) I don’t think that they open this BIG white thing up when they feed me, so where are they hiding MY food?  Grrrrr.

Nikita Popart

My Mommy is really creative! (I love my Mommy)  She created this really neat Popart of one of my photographs from this neat website:  www.bighugelabs.com   I wonder what she will create next?

With all that I get into during my busy puppy day, I love it when my Daddy comes home!  (Can’t wait to see Daddy!)  Here I am waiting for my Daddy to come home by sitting by the front door waiting, and waiting…(hey, who is that dog on our sidewalk?)

Waiting for Daddy to come home from work

Until Tomorrow,