Happy VALentine’s Day!

It only comes once a year, a day that I can call my own…since it has my name in it!  LOL  I have taken over this holiday many years ago and have called it my own which makes today only more special to me.  VALentine’s Day is the day of love, and I truly have special people to share this day with, from my Sweets to our furry children, and all of my wonderful blog friends (you know who you are) all of which bring so much joy to my heart.

Love can be found all around even when you are not looking for it.  It can be the quick glance around a room only to find your dogs snuggling together on the couch.

Bella and Nikita True Love

To the snow doggie you made in your front yard for VALentine’s Day.

Snow Dog

To the way the dogs sit by the back door every morning to watch Daddy leave for work as they wave goodbye.


To the love both Nikita and Bella have for each other, where one goes, the other is not too far behind.  Ah, true love.


To even how they patiently wait for me to sew their torn toys and put the stuffing back in.

Bella and String

Nikita and Thread Spool

And the smile that is planted on your face when you see such a cute photo like this of Nikita who is always watching out the window to make sure the neighborhood is safe.  Love those fluffy ears.  Ah, true love.


Love.  It’s a wonderful thing.  Never to be taken for granted, but is the most cherished feeling in the world.  Happy VALentine’s Day to you, and yes, I will even share my holiday with all of you because you are all so special to me.  Hugs & Smoochies to my Sweets, Nikita & Bella!


What Do You Spend $5 on?

Your morning ritual could be stopping at Starbucks for a Mocha, or eating lunch at Subway and picking up a footlong, either way you spend about $5. 

We are doing our part by helping raise funds for the APL, and that $5 could help feed the animals in need!  We all love animals it’s true, but not all animals have the love they need to survive, but we have the chance to make a difference in their lives.


We want to thank everyone who has already made a donation!  We appreciate your kindness and your love for animals!   Donate Today:  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/themesnthings/2012-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash 



Why Dogs Bring So Much Happiness Into Our Lives

Do You Own A Dog?

If you have a dog, you don’t have to think too hard on this one.  Every dog owner knows the answer of why dogs bring so much happiness into our lives.  Sure, they are a lot of work, but being a dog owner you don’t consider it work because of the unconditional love they give us.  The way that they rely on us for everything, from taking them outside, to grooming them, to feeding them and everything else we do for them, they rely on us, their owner to take care of their needs on a daily basis.  But there are things that they do that make everything worth it:

The Things That They Do

Ever look across the room to see your dog napping in such a cute manner?  Well, this happens on a daily basis here, as Nikita naps on one couch that we allow her on, and she knows that is the “only” piece of furniture that she is allowed on.  She sprawls out on this couch in such a cute manner, rolls over and falls asleep on her back with her feet sticking straight up in the air – ah, the cuteness of owning a dog.

How about the look she gets in her face when she see’s you arriving home and her whole body shakes with joy to see you, along with the whirlwind of her tail wagging like a propeller.  The unconditional love she gives us is overwhelming and it makes the bad days we have diminish quickly.

How about the “look” they give you when they want a t-r-e-a-t?  Oh, that look is priceless, as they start to drool when you take too long to get the treat jar open, as they sit and stare at the jar watching every movement you make until that treat is in their mouth. 

The adorable mannerisms they have, although we are unsure as to how they get them, but somehow, while they are growing up, they start doing things and then they just “stick” with them.  For example, Nikita always begs for treats immediately right after dinner, and runs over to Daddy to get her snack, then she runs for her ball and “boops” you with it as to say “Let’s Play”.  After time has passed with the booping, she is ready to give you the ball, and we throw it down the hallway, but before she gets to the hallway, she has to “jump” over the couch corner first.  We laugh every time she does this, and once again, not sure as to how she started this, but no matter what….it cracks us up every time. 

Snuggle Time is every night before we fall asleep, as she crawls up in between us for her night time affection with lots of belly rubs from us.  This time is so precious to us and so meaningful as we get lots of wet doggie kisses back! 

The Sandwich – I bet everyone has heard of a sandwich, but it is NOT what you are thinking.  A sandwich to us happens every morning before Daddy heads off to work.  All we have to do is say “Sandwich” and Nikita runs toward Daddy and jumps up on him with her paws stretched out almost reaching his shoulders, then Mommy completes the sandwich by hugging everyone.  Unconditional tail wags are endless when we “Sandwich”.  You should try sandwiching yourself today! 

The Room Changer – This is what we call it when we change rooms, the dog follows and plops down right by you.  When it gets to that time of day when I have to start dinner, I head on over to the kitchen and Nikita follows right behind me, bringing a toy with her of course.  She knows that when I am preparing dinner, it is almost time for Daddy to come home, and she watches by the front window for his car.  Then, once she see’s Daddy pulling in, she runs to the back door to get a glimpse of him driving by to the garage – the excitement runs rampant and she cannot control her happiness and when she sees Daddy walking in the door – she cannot hold in her excitement as she greets Daddy with snuggles and kisses.  Ah, the perfect welcome home from a long day!

The Talented Multi-Toy Player – Nikita has about 40 stuffed toys now, and she plays with each and every one of them.  Her stuffed round toy balls are probably her favorites, but other than that, she gives equal play time to each one.  We have a bunch of toys piled up at the end of the bed for her to rest her head on every night, but even still, she grabs yet another one (or two) and adds to her pile every night when she comes to bed.  And, she is pretty talented too, as she can have one toy in her mouth, while she pushes another one on the floor, I guess she can’t decide which one to play with.  We can even wake up a few mornings and find a bunch of her toys laying around all over the floor, so she must have been playing at night while we were sleeping.  It’s funny what dogs do, eh?

The Neighborhood Watch Dog – Nikita knows what’s going on in the neighborhood, and she knows what does not belong.  From a bag or cup blowing down the road (she barks at) to the Staples delivery guy, she knows that they do not belong and she alerts me with a bark.  One day, while I was painting, I laid a clean paint brush on top of the garbage can and when she noticed it, she just stood there in the kitchen staring at it and growling with her hair standing up.  I walked in to see what was going on and I asked her what was wrong, and she kept growling, thinking how cute this was, until I remembered that I had the back door open, so my “how cute” quickly turned into a small fear that perhaps someone walked in without me knowing, so I checked it out.  As it turned out, she was alerting me to the paint brush, and that was it, nothing else.  She knew that it did not belong and it bugged her.  Silly dog, but an alert dog! 

All in all, having a dog makes everything better.  Your schedule can be fixed, you will always find time, and the somewhat inconveniences we fall into seem like nothing at all when you own a dog.  The love you receive from a dog makes the heart happy and refreshes your soul.

We love you Nikita – Love, Mommy & Daddy


LIFE IS GOOD…IN A LOVING HOME!   After the last post, it got me thinking.  Every dog should be in a loving home – period.   Every dog should be able to wake up every day and receive love & affection, be able to have a happy heart and that happiness will shine through their personality.  As for me, I am one HAPPY puppy, and have the best life ever.  I am loved every minute of my day, get to stay home with Mommy who looks after me, wipes my paws when it’s wet outside, brushes me every day to keep my fur looking fly, and have the best Daddy ever who makes sure that I have good healthy food to eat every day, and a never-ending supply of toys to play with, and every night when it’s time for bed, I have a special place to snuggle with Daddy & Mommy that makes me feel secure & safe.   Every dog should be able to experience this love that fills my heart every day, every dog should be this lucky. 

I get to sit by Daddy & Mommy when they try to kick butt playing Wii Life or Monopoly, and last night I actually kicked Mommy off the couch so I could snuggle with Daddy.  (sorry Mommy)  This is what I am saying on how Life is Good, time spent with the ones you love, as it does not matter what you are doing, but being with them is special.  By the way, Daddy won last night in the Game of Life, way to go Daddy as he kicked the computer players butts & Mommy’s too! LOL   Don’t get too excited as Mommy is ready for a rematch! 

We started our Christmas decorating last Friday, and the house looks so wonderful.  I love this time of year, as all the lights and decorations make you smile & gets you in such a great mood.  Now, we just have to pull out the Christmas music and we can dance all around the house!  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” – sing along, we know you want to!   Mommy loves photography with a passion, and enjoys taking neat photo’s.  Here is one she took of herself last night in the reflection of a Christmas bulb, neat eh?   She even got a neat one last year of the Christmas tree reflection in Daddy’s glass of wine.  Only a photographer would notice something like that, and then they run for their camera to capture it! 

Daddy even got me a neat ornament for the tree.  I know it does not exactly look like me, but it was the closest one we could find.  It looks really nice on the tree though, woof!   We are still working on the LED lights for the outside bushes, and we’re almost done but we will definitely take some photographs of it. 

By the way, before I forget to remind you again, if you have not yet signed up for ebates through the link we provided you a few posts ago…. go find that blog post and copy the link we provided and paste it in your browser, then it will take you to the sign up page.  The reason we keep reminding you about eBates is because the holiday online shopping time is here and you can earn cash back for shopping online, and who would not want to get a little back for shopping, eh?  We just got another check yesterday, so this should be an incentive for you to sign up, and it’s free to sign up too! 

I hope that you have started your holiday decorating too, and are enjoying the ones you love.  Life is too short, tell them you love them & show them every day!

One Year of Love & Happiness

On September 12, 2010 I was adopted.  That was the happiest day of my life.  I was getting a permanent home.  I had a great Foster home and a wonderful & loving Foster Mom, named Breanne Alcox who took care of me & my six other siblings.  Here is the comment from Brea back in September of 2010:

Hi, my name is Breanne Alcox and I was Nikita’s foster mom. I just wanted to say how much I love your site. Nikita and her brother, and sisters, came to me at 14days old when their mother died of poisioning. I had to feed all 7 puppies (1 boy and 6girls) every 1.5 hours throught the day/night. They all fought hard to live, and made it through some hard times. I feel so blessed to know she found a great home with your family. It puts my heart at ease knowing she is truely loved. I will watch your site to see what an amazing dog she turns out to be. Thank you again…she was loved be me and my family, and now by yours. What a happy ending it is!

I remember that day I was adopted as it was so vivid.  My new Daddy & Mommy arrived at PetSmart that day just to buy kitty food, but they saw that the APL was holding a pet adoption outside, so they went over to see all the kitties and puppies.  They spotted me with my other siblings, just running around looking adorable, and they picked me up – – that is all it took, as they were hooked.  They set me back down for only a few minutes to talk amongst themselves, then they turned back around, picked up me and did not let go of me.  I knew I was going home that day.  The only thing that Daddy & Mommy felt bad about (but not for too long) is that another couple was eyeing me up that day, and if they did not act quick and pick me back up, I would have gone home with someone else.  Glad they acted quick and picked me up. 

Next, is when Daddy and Mommy met Dave from the APL.  Dave is now called “Uncle Dave” in my book as he is the greatest!  Dave helped Daddy fill out the adoption paperwork and he was so glad that I found a new home.  I remember that a few months after I was adopted, we went back up to PetSmart to meet Uncle Dave so he could see how big I got.  What a great reunion!  I even did tricks for Uncle Dave so he could see how smart I was.  I was performing for him like there was no tomorrow, sit, shake, down – – I did them over and over for him.

Anyhow, after all of the paperwork was completed, I was ready to go home, but first we needed all the supplies for a new puppy as Daddy & Mommy did not have these at home.  I still laugh that they were just heading up to PetSmart for kitty food, and came home with a puppy!  So, all three of us went into PetSmart to get our supplies, this is how we met Jane, a super nice employee at PetSmart.  Jane gave us our new puppy packet filled with coupons and pamphlets and she walked around the store with us and helped us pick out all the essentials that I needed.  I got a new cage that day, some toys, good healthy puppy food, picked out a new collar & leash (got those in pink, of course), and I remember how tired I was from the long day I had, and Mommy placed me on top of the box of my new cage that was ontop of the shopping cart.  That is where I fell asleep while they walked around the store and everyone who saw me up there sleeping, said “Awwwww”.  I was a cute puppy that is so true, and I am now one adorable dog, one year later!  After we got all the essentials for me, Daddy remembered that he almost forgot to get the kitty food that they originally came to the store for.  Phew, glad he remembered! 

Now, it’s time to head home…what a good thought, HOME.  I have a new home.  A place that I can call my own, a place where I will be loved, a place that I feel safe, and a place where I can lay my head down to sleep every night filled with happiness and lots of memories.  I sat on Mommy’s lap on the ride home and was a little scared, but that soon passed because I love car rides now.  We arrived home and Mommy placed me down on the ground and told me “This is your new home” and I ran out onto the grass and had my first pee!  WOW, this is home, as I have marked my territory.  Of course, Daddy had to phone Grandma to tell her of my arrival, and Grandma jumped in her car and headed right over.  Grandma picked me up and gave me lots of hugs and I fell in love with Grandma that day.  We played outside most of the afternoon, then went inside so I could watch my first Browns game.  (they lost, of course)  The afternoon just flew by and I was one tired little puppy.  My first day in my new home, with lots of trips outside to pee, but when I went to bed in my new cage, I crashed.  From my first day in my new home and every night that I slept in my cage, I never cried or wimpered, I was happy….I was home. 

I have so many memories in this year that has passed, and was happy to share them all with you in “A Day in the Life of a Puppy Named Nikita” as my blog will be a year old tomorrow on September 14th.  I have so many “firsts” in this past year that are quite memorable, from the first time I saw my reflection in the oven door & growled, to my first Halloween & costume & meeting my first animatronic prop in the kitchen, my first Christmas and meeting that chubby guy in the red suit, to crawling into the dishwasher to lick the dishes & spoons, to losing my first baby teeth, all of which are memories that I will never forget.  Thanks for following me and watching me grow up this past year, as I am sure that I will have many more stories to tell.  Enjoy the following photographs of me growing up & thanks to everyone who I have met along the way and all the wonderful people at the Cleveland APL to whom gave me a chance at life and happiness, and of course, to my Daddy & Mommy who took the chance on me and gave me love, good food, tons of toys, and lots of happiness.  I love you all!