Learning Boundaries

Every time a new puppy heads home to their new “forever home“, they start learning boundaries.  They start off with small boundaries, like staying in the kitchen where “clean ups” are easier (on us) as puppies don’t care who has to clean up after them (lol), then slowly, they earn a little bit bigger boundary.  They are learning, but we are the ones who teach them the boundaries.

This week, Bella earned a little bit bigger boundary and we took down our baby gates and barricades we erected in the kitchen, and allowed her to enter the living room.  So far, she has done very well in her new boundary and has had no accidents (yet).  When the baby gate was taken away, she hesitantly entered the doorway to the living room, unsure if she should go any further, and since no one was correcting her to “not” enter, she walked in a little further.  She was probably thinking “Wow, what is this room?”  It was funny watching her as she walked around and sniffed everything in the room, as this was all new to her – new smells, new things, and a new experience.  The TV was on, and she actually sat down in front of it and sat there awhile and watched.  It was so adorable that I had to grab my camera and snap a picture of that.

It has been a few days since Bella’s introduction to another room, and she has been such an angel.  I placed a little blankie next to the couch where she has designated “her spot” and runs to it every time she enters the room and lays down with her toys.  Other than our bed, Nikita is only allowed on one of our couches which we have covered up with a comforter, and when Nikita jumps up on the couch, Bella watches her.  She has not yet tried to jump up on the couch, but we are sure that will happen one day.  She will need to learn another boundary as far as furniture goes, that this will be the only couch she will be allowed on.

When Nikita was a puppy, she was another angel and still is.  We always thought that we adopted the best dog in the whole world and were so lucky to find her.  She has the cutest mannerisms and has some of the funniest things that she does with her toys when she wants us to play with her.  Now, we are blessed with yet another puppy who is becoming one beautiful dog, learning tricks and boundaries along the way.  We could not be happier!

Thank you Daddy & Mommy for teaching me boundaries, and giving me lots of love & a forever home!