One Year as a Puppy Named Nikita

Hey everyone, well I finally made it!  I turned one year old today!  July 18th is the best day ever, because it’s my birthday and because I have now crossed over the threshold from puppyhood to an adult dog.  Hmmm, it does not feel any different, but I have been told that I am not a puppy any longer.  I wonder if this is the thing that Mommy talks about that she does not count birthdays any longer, as they feel like just another day, although you turn a year older, hmmm, who knows.  But today is different because they keep trying to put this silly hat on me which is annoying, but I guess I will just sit here and look pretty for the camera to suffice Mommy.  LOL   Still, I can’t believe that I am now an adult.  Those puppy months just flew by, but all in all, I had a lot of fun and a lot of “firsts”. 


  1. You don’t fit under the kitchen chairs when running around the room
  2. You don’t need assistance any longer to get into the car
  3. Your bags of food get “larger”
  4. You don’t pee in the house any longer
  5. It takes two people to get you on the vets table
  6. Your original collar does not fit any longer
  7. You don’t sleep in a cage any longer
  8. Your first Halloween tutu does not fit around your waist any longer (only fits around your neck)
  9. You can see out the front windows now to watch the neighborhood
  10. You don’t use baby gates any longer
  11. Your doo doo piles get bigger
  12. You are trusted to be in the house by yourself
  13. Your toy box is now overflowing with toys


  1. I growl at my reflection in the TV & oven door
  2. I play with my dog food
  3. I chase lightning bugs & other flying insects
  4. I bark only at the smallest dog that walks by our house
  5. I go crazy when the Smoothie Maker turns on
  6. I hate when the laundry basket is turned on its side
  7. I don’t like the upright vacuum & run from it
  8. I love being vacuumed though by the canister vacuum

What a great exciting year I have had!  It all started with me being adopted by Daddy & Mommy from the APL.  Without the APL’s help to get me started in life and help me find a good home, I may have not made it, so today I am reflecting on how lucky a puppy dog I truly am.  Thanks to everyone that’s in my life, from my friends at the APL, to all of my blog followers, to my family, Daddy & Mommy and to a lot of dogs I have sniffed along the way – THANKS FOR LOVING ME! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and to another year of happiness!  With love always, Nikita