If I Was A Police Dog

BAD BOYS BAD BOYSWe watch the TV show Cops all the time, and we are becoming well versed in the terminology. We know that when an officer first approaches a car, they ask for your drivers license and insurance card. They usually head back to their police car to run your plate. Upon approaching your car again, if they notice you are fidgety, they tell you to keep your hands on your steering wheel. If you do not comply with them, they ask you to exit your vehicle and place your hands behind your back, then they handcuff you. This is for the police officers security & protection.

Then you get a bunch of people who don’t want to be handcuffed and they try to run. Bad idea, but it happens and the chase is on. A few people can actually run fast enough to hide somewhere, but that is when they call in the K-9 unit to sniff them out. These beautiful & well trained K-9’s always get the criminals in the end.

I know if I was a police dog, I would be pretty good at it, as long as the criminals had a bunch of “treats” in their pocket! LOL  What I do know, is that I watch for all of the police vehicles to drive past our house, and then I bark at them! I can even pick out a police vehicle in the dark by their headlights, and that makes me one smart dog! I must know my headlights!

BELLA WATCHING THE NEIGHBORHOODAnd today, both Bella and I had a front row seat to a traffic stop which happened right in front of our house. I covered the front windows and Bella covered the front door as we both barked hello! We sat there watching as the police officer got out of his cruiser in the pouring rain to take down yet another stop sign crasher in our neighborhood. Way to go Mr. Police Man!

TICKET IN THE RAINAlthough today we only got to witness a normal traffic stop, I was getting ready to be on-call if they needed me to chase a bad boy. I would just hope that they had some treats on them after I caught them!  That would be nice.

Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do when they come for you!


Back to School – What Does it Mean to You?

School Crossing Zone in NC

What does “Back to School” mean to me?  It will definitely limit what I see & watch out the front window, from the packs of kids walking the sidewalks at all times of the day & night which whom I bark at everytime, the ice cream truck will probably stop driving down the road now, (but that’s ok because I hate this truck), the loud music from the kids cars that drive by the house all day, (why do they have to play their music so loudly anyway?) the baseball games that attract a lot of traffic on our road to cars speeding too, these are all the things that will definitely change when School is back in session. 

Put Your Hands Up!

But, with all the things that will change when kids go back to School, some things will never change – crime. We were playing a Wii Monopoly game last night and the police stopped these two kids at KMart.  We are not sure as to what the reason was for “checking” these kids out, searching their pockets, and looking under their hats, and making them stand in front of the police car with their hands on the hood, but it sure made for something interesting to watch.  We’ll have to check out the Police Blotter for sure now to see what happened. 

On Patrol

I am always on patrol, even when you think I am sleeping.  I maybe laying there looking all adorable, but my radar ears are always listening.  When I hear something, I spring to my feet, run to the window just in time to woof at a dog, a car, or some kids walking by.  Don’t let me fool you, I am not sleeping, I am napping and there is a difference.  I am still awake, but on patrol!  Even when Daddy tries to leave the room for something, I hear him, pick up my head and check as to where he’s headed. 

Back to School probably means a lot of different things to many people, perhaps if you are a parent, you’re looking forward to a little break now, or if you’re a Halloween enthusiast like us, you may be thinking that time is running out to purchase your props.  Don’t let time pass you by, make plans & be prepared!  Back to School means that the seasons will now be changing, and we even saw Halloween decorations at our local craft store last weekend, and soon they will be bringing out the Christmas items next.  (we all know that you’ll see the store front at Lighthouse Pools & More all lit up with trees soon!)  With the seasons changing now, we will all stop complaining on how hot it is outside, and start complaining on how cold it is or how it stinks to have to shovel the drive again, whatever the case may be, it is inevitable….seasons do change, and all we do is adjust for them. 

So, what does Back to School mean to you?