A Good Deed

With so much unrest in the world today, we wanted to do something good. A small gesture of kindness. Something that no one has ever done before. What did we do? We baked some cookies.

These cookies were baked with gentle loving care & a warm heart because they were being made for the sixteen police officers that patrol our streets in our city. We wanted each and every one of them to know how much we appreciate what they do for our community and that it does not go unnoticed. A simple gesture that brought many smiles to each and every police officer that received their own personal box of cookies.

I started with hand dipping a whole bag of pretzels into milk chocolate. It’s easy & fun to do, but it ended up taking me about four hours to get through the entire bag of pretzels. Thank goodness we bought enough milk chocolate!


I started to run out of room on the table as the sheets of pretzels were being made. Over 200+ chocolate covered pretzels were made.


Even white chocolate dipped pretzels were made too!


In each cookie box, the police officers would find homemade peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, graham cracker bars, spritz cookies, and both white & milk chocolate covered pretzels. I made a little assembly line on the kitchen table and got to work filling up the boxes with all the goodies. One dozen chocolate covered pretzels were also inserted into little clear bags, tied with twine with a little bear tag.


Here’s all the goodies inside each of the sixteen cookie boxes. Wouldn’t you be happy too if you got this box of goodies?


Before closing up the boxes, I placed a handmade Christmas card inside with a special note for each police officer, thanking them for keeping our neighborhood safe.


The cookie boxes we purchased were so adorable, because once the white box was closed, this beautiful candy cane striped sleeve slipped over the box, keeping it nice and closed.


On December 20th, we headed over to the police station to drop off the sixteen cookie boxes. I called ahead, and talked with the dispatcher and told her what we were doing, and she said that no one has ever done this before for the police officers, ever.

With joy in our hearts, we headed over to the police station, got buzzed in, and a police officer came out to greet us. We handed him a huge box with all the sixteen cookie boxes inside and told him that these were for all the officers and that each one of them should receive their own box.

We really don’t think he knew exactly what to expect, until he took the box into the station and checked it out. From what we have heard, the officers were extremely surprised with their cookie boxes and ripped into them with joy! No one has ever done this for them before, and this was our first time doing this, but we know that it won’t be our last either.


In a world with lots of unrest, we are happy that a good deed was well received and that our police force knows that we appreciate all of their efforts, even when they might think that no one notices what they do for the community. Thank you!

If I Was A Police Dog

BAD BOYS BAD BOYSWe watch the TV show Cops all the time, and we are becoming well versed in the terminology. We know that when an officer first approaches a car, they ask for your drivers license and insurance card. They usually head back to their police car to run your plate. Upon approaching your car again, if they notice you are fidgety, they tell you to keep your hands on your steering wheel. If you do not comply with them, they ask you to exit your vehicle and place your hands behind your back, then they handcuff you. This is for the police officers security & protection.

Then you get a bunch of people who don’t want to be handcuffed and they try to run. Bad idea, but it happens and the chase is on. A few people can actually run fast enough to hide somewhere, but that is when they call in the K-9 unit to sniff them out. These beautiful & well trained K-9’s always get the criminals in the end.

I know if I was a police dog, I would be pretty good at it, as long as the criminals had a bunch of “treats” in their pocket! LOL  What I do know, is that I watch for all of the police vehicles to drive past our house, and then I bark at them! I can even pick out a police vehicle in the dark by their headlights, and that makes me one smart dog! I must know my headlights!

BELLA WATCHING THE NEIGHBORHOODAnd today, both Bella and I had a front row seat to a traffic stop which happened right in front of our house. I covered the front windows and Bella covered the front door as we both barked hello! We sat there watching as the police officer got out of his cruiser in the pouring rain to take down yet another stop sign crasher in our neighborhood. Way to go Mr. Police Man!

TICKET IN THE RAINAlthough today we only got to witness a normal traffic stop, I was getting ready to be on-call if they needed me to chase a bad boy. I would just hope that they had some treats on them after I caught them!  That would be nice.

Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do when they come for you!