PLEDGE FOR PETS – Now is the time to donate

Pledge For Pets 4

It has been three months now that we have been collecting donations for the 8th annual Pledge For Pets Fundraiser for the APL and the LIVE radiothon starts tomorrow!

Roy and I are so pleased to be a part of this worthy cause and enjoy giving back to the community and helping animals who need our assistance.  To date, we have collected $705 from 25 people who love animals & wanted to help the APL continue on with their good works.  Even our substitute mailman the other day donated $10 in cash.  Imagine that…a postal carrier who loves dogs!  

If you are reading this post, this message is for YOU!  We need your help and we need it now, today!  Since the live radiothon is starting tomorrow (Friday & Saturday live at the APL) we need to gather more donations and this will be our last ditch effort to reach out to everyone.  A donation does not have to be large.  Even $5 helps the animals, not to mention, if you give $5, and someone else gives $5, it all ADDS UP.


Seriously, if you are reading this, please find it in your heart to make a donation today.  We know that we are sad when we see a stray running around the neighborhood who has no food or shelter.  They need your help. Too many times we watch the news and hear horrible stories of animals being tied up to fences to be left for dead, or abused dogs that have collars embedded into their skin because of neglect.  It makes you cringe.  It makes you want to help.  This is how you can help.  Your donations go towards their food, shelter, surgeries if needed, and much more.

Your donations do matter & they do make a difference!  Choose to donate today.  

After the live radiothon has concluded on Saturday, we will post photographs of the live event and we’ll be sending out a great big thank you to everyone who has helped us raise money for the APL and this worthy cause.  Thank you again, for choosing to help us as your generosity is much appreciated.

And, don’t forget, your donation is tax deductible too, so printout your receipt!  If you are making a donation today from your blog, make sure to include your blogs name when donating!

Thank you ever so much!
Roy, Valerie, Nikita & Bella (our awesome four-legged furry children)

UPDATE On Pledge For Pets Fundraiser


We are so pleased on our progress for collecting donations for the 8th annual Pledge For Pets Fundraiser for the APL.  This is our third year participating in this event and are so happy to help the APL and give back to the community for such a great worthy cause.

To date, we have raised a total of $1,315 for the APL in three years.  Our first year we did not know much about fundraising, but now that we are seasoned Q-Cash Captains, and we know that collecting donations is not an easy task.  We get strange looks from people when we approach them, as they are probably wondering “who are you?”, but we explain the reason why we are helping the APL collect donations.

  • We have seen firsthand the good works from the APL
  • We have rescued two beautiful dogs from the APL
  • We gave those two dogs a beautiful & loving forever home
  • Without the APL’s help in the community, there would be neglected and abused animals all over the city
  • Once the APL rescues an animal, it stays with them until they get adopted
  • The APL staff are wonderful people who care about the health and welfare of animals
  • People ask us if their donation even makes a difference & the answer is a definite “YES”

In 2011, we collected $170, 2012 we collected $570, and currently in 2013 we have collected $575.  Our goal this year is to reach $1,000 in donations, but we cannot reach our goal without YOUR HELP.  We urge you to consider making a donation today, which is tax deductible, and help us reach our goal this year.  We get nothing from our efforts, except the satisfaction of knowing that we did our part and helped some animals along the way to find their forever home.

YOUR donation does make a difference, no matter how much you can afford to donate, as it all adds up.  Click HERE to make a donation today to the APL.  Not only do we appreciate your help, but the animals who need our help are the ones who benefit from your generosity.

Donate 5

Faces of the Abandoned


Every day we watch the news.  Some days I sit there watching in shock.  I really can’t remember a news post any more lately that does not put that look of shock and awe on my face.  Murders, stabbings, abductions of kids, and the horrible abuse and neglect of animals.  

I know that I can’t change the world and make it all better, as we live a nice quiet simple life.  But, we do our part, every year and join in to raise donations for the APL who help more than 17,000 animals a year.  No matter what condition the animal is in when it is brought in, the APL does not turn them away.  Some times I wonder how hard it is for the employees at the APL to see this kind of neglect, day in and day out, it has to be hard.  Some days they arrive to work only to find a box taped shut with kittens or puppies in the box.  No food.  No water.  Just a box sitting there, waiting for someone to find it.  I give them credit.  A whole lot of it.

We wish we could do more for all of these animals, but as everyone is probably in the same boat, living a simple quiet life, we know it is hard to give to all the charities in the world.  But, if everyone who is reading this today, we encourage you to make a donation, even if it is a small one for the APL, because if everyone who loves what we are trying to do, your donations will all add up into something wonderful for these animals.  They will receive the care that they need, they will have food to eat, electricity to keep them warm, all in the hopes that one day, they find their forever home.

We know what Nikita and Bella went through before we rescued them, and it was not a pretty sight.  So if you can find it in your heart to help us raise donations for the APL, not only will we be super happy, but we all will be happy that we helped an animal in need.  We get them one step closer to happiness, because they all deserve to be in a happy home.  They deserve to be with people who will love them, play with them, and when they close their eyes at night, know that they will never have to go through those perils ever again.  Nikita and Bella are pure examples of happy dogs who got their chance from the help at the APL.

Think about making a donation today, as your donation DOES make a huge difference in an animals life!  CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Mother Nature Can Be Cruel

Nikita playing in the snow
picasion Nikita playing in the snow

Well, it’s supposed to be Spring around here, but Mother Nature has a different plan for us.  Instead of watching all the Spring bulbs popping out of the ground, which they are, and watching them start to bloom, they are covered up under a pile of snow. One year ago around this time, we had temps in the 80’s, which normally does not happen and our trees bloomed early because they were confused.  So, one year later, instead of our weather getting warmer as the days of the calendar pass us by, we are still dealing with shoveling snow and low temps.

Our poor little Spring blooms that have peeked out of the ground, are stunned by the cold and the blanket of snow that covers them, and will probably not bloom this year. The dogs, however, are still enjoying the snow on the ground.  They run and play, eat the snow (hopefully not the yellow snow), and love digging in the snow piles.  It is hard to get them to come back inside after enjoying a romp in the white stuff.

But, while inside, I still need to constantly watch our little puppy Bella, as what you need to do for any pup.  When Bella disappears, that usually means trouble.  I always think the best, but when I go investigate on what she is up to, most of the time she is being sneaky and up to something.  I usually do a toy head count and know which one is gone from the toy box, and then I find her…. laying so innocently in the other room ripping apart a toy and yanking the stuffing out.  I have seen my fair share of “stuffing” in poop piles, and have had enough of that sight, but as to why they do this still is a mystery to me.


Pet Hospital Patient

Our “Pet Hospital” which resides on top of the fridge is always jammed packed with patients who need bandaged and sewed, and although I try my best, sometimes a “limb” needs to be surgically removed.  Oh, those poor toys that sit in the toy box missing an arm or a leg, a eye has been sewn shut, and they start to look like Franken-Toys with all the battle scars across their chest.  Poor poor toys, you sure have been through a lot, but you still hang in there, and have high fears the next time you are yanked out of the toy box wondering if “this” will be the day that we have to put you down.  Bella is always innocent.  She gives me that “it wasn’t me” look, and always points the finger at Nikita.  We know better.  Nikita hasn’t ripped up a toy in a long time, so we know who the culprit is that is doing all the damage to their poor toys.  The Pet Hospital is always open for business.

The time it took me to write this post… another toy lost its life!  RIP orange ball.  For sure, more stuffing will be found later today in a steaming pile of poo.
gif creators

Anatomy Of A Sock Bunny

Sock Bunny Collage2

Socks.  We all have them.  In all shapes, sizes, and colors.  They are mysterious.  Yes, mysterious because it still baffles me to this day how they elude me in the dryer.  They are magicians too, as they magically appear in the next load of laundry.  They reside normally in a dark drawer, or sometimes found in the pet bed chewed.  They come in pairs, kinda like twins.  They always match.  Sometimes they get holes.  They warm our feet or cover up unpainted toes.  Socks are funny.

Socks have lots of responsibilities.  They always have to stay together.  They get balled up, folded, or neatly placed in a drawer.  They always have to be ready when that drawer opens to go to work.  Sometimes they get pulled from duty as they are a little worn and need mended.  Sometimes we have to say goodbye to them when they have warmed our feet for the last time and there is nothing more we can do to save them.  They serve many purposes.

Unattended Sock Bunny

Other than unofficial chew toys for the dogs, socks can be used to create the most incredible people toys.  Yes, that’s right, we need and love things that make us smile, and who knew that a stupid striped sock could bring us so much joy!  I never did, until I got my scissors out and started cutting up my loyal socks that resided in the bottom of my sock drawer for many years.

Sock Bunnies Lineup

So, now comes the hard part.  Do I leave my socks nestled all snug in the sock drawer, leave them to keep their magical powers that be in the dryer, or yank those suckers out of the drawer and make Sock Bunnies?  I think we all know the answer to this one!

Anatomy of a Sock Bunny

CLICK HERE for the full tutorial of HOW TO MAKE A SOCK BUNNY.
(Go ahead, I dare ya!  Or you can pay me to make some for you!)

What are your socks gonna do today?




Pledge For Pets 4

Lucky Dog

Pledge For Pets Green Box

Lucky dog is right, but it is not ALL about the dogs!  It’s about the lucky puppies, cats, kitties, bunnies, birds, and hampsters too that get rescued by the Cleveland APL who need to find their forever homes.  The APL has been servicing our community for 100 years and take in about 17,000 animals a year into their shelter, which is solely funded by our donations.

We are proud to announce that we are assisting the APL in collecting donations for their 8th Annual Pledge For Pets – Doggy Dollars & Kitty Kash Fundraiser, and this is our 3rd year participating in this great event!  Our goal this year is to collect $1,000 in donations.  Pledge For Pets takes place on May 10th – 11th and when we get closer to the event, we will even post a link on our blog so you can watch the event live, or just listen to a live broadcast right at the Cleveland APL’s site. (You might even be able to see us there at the event, because we always make an appearance to say hello and to drop off any last minute donations that we collected)  Last year, they even told Nikita’s adoption story, live on the air!  To make a donation, click HERE.

There are ways that you can help us too:

If you have a blog:  1) We encourage you to add our yellow Pledge For Pets box on your blog.  2) We encourage you to write a quick blog post that Nikitaland is passionate about helping animals in need!  Here is the code so you can “add” a text box widget to your blog (if you need assistance in adding this to your blog, contact us & we’ll be more than happy to assist you – NOTE: This box can be removed from your blog after May 11th)

<a href=””><img
src=”; /></a>

Pass the word around:  1) Share our donation link via email to everyone you know who might be interested in helping out.  2) If you have a social media account, then send out some “tweets” about the Pledge For Pets!  (we don’t have any of these accounts, so we need your help in getting the word out)  3) Tell your friends, family, and even your co-workers that we need help in collecting donations!  Each and every donation matters, no matter what denomination you give, as it all goes towards the wealth and care of the animals who need our help!  Here is the secure donation link to share:

All donations are tax deductible, so keep your receipts!

We cannot thank all of you enough for your help in spreading the word, and for your donations!  We would love to reach the goal that we have set and help the animals who need us!

Cleveland Animal Protective League CUTOUT NIKITA SITTING


On Saturday, we traveled down to the Cleveland APL so we could be apart of the Live Radiothon, meet up with our good friends at the APL, all of our awesome Q104 Radio personalities, and made some new friends.  THANKS to everyone who donated, the APL raised a grand total of $120,936 and without your help we could not have made this happen!

As we were walking into the APL from the parking lot, a lady stopped us and asked us if we were surrendering our dog.  Surrendering our dog?  What?  Hell no, we would never surrender Nikita!  She must have thought that we were bringing her in to give her away, but that was definitely NOT the case, we told her that we were here for the Pledge For Pets Radiothon.  WOW, we were just shocked when we heard that as that was something that we were not prepared to hear from someone. 

We walked into the room where the Radiothon was going on and you could just feel the excitement in the room.  We immediately saw so many familiar faces and our favorite APL person was there to greet us, Judy Hunter.  But, what Judy didn’t know at the time, that we had a huge surprise for her.  We made her a lighted glass block with Nikita’s photo in it so she could put it in her office and think of Nikita every time she looked at it, but we had to wait until she had a free moment to come over so we could present her with it.  Well, we finally had our moment and we got Judy to come over to see us, and Nikita as always, greeted her with tail wags and kisses.  We think that Judy was truly surprised by her gift, as we plugged it in so she could see how it looked when lit.  This will be a present that she will never forget!  (for those of you that work at the APL – make sure you stop by Judy’s office to check it out!) 

We made our way around the room so Nikita could meet everyone, including all of the wonderful “phone bankers” who were talking the incoming calls for donations.  Every person Nikita met, she greeted them with doggie kissies and she was truly on her best behavior today.   Even a few phone bankers even took photographs of Nikita with their cell phones!  (Aw, how cute is that?) 

Then, we strolled up to the front of the room to greet all of the awesome Q104 Radio personalities, Allan Fee, Glenn Anderson, and Katherine Boyd.  We can’t say enough about these guys from Q104 as their dedication and pure love for animals shines through them.  Each and every one of them was sincere, caring, and they truly made you feel like you were the only one in the room, and it gave you that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.  THANK YOU for taking the time to talk with us, and pose for pictures with us, as we will always treasure our time with you.  (We will definitely see you next year!)  But wait…you will not believe what happened next!  Roy had told Nikita’s story to Katherine while we were getting our photo’s taken with the Q104 crew and they talked about Nikita LIVE ON THE AIR!  We were standing in the back of the room and every time before they go LIVE, the entire room claps and gets excited and then they go LIVE, and to our surprise, they talked about Nikita LIVE on the air and how her dog Mommy was poisoned with anti-freeze after giving birth to a litter of seven and the puppies needed immediate help since they lost their Mommy, so the APL was called in to take the seven puppies (one of them being Nikita who was originally named Nanuk) and had to feed them around the clock as they were fighting for their lives!  We were so honored that they told Nikita’s story live on the air, as she is one doggy who is truly blessed, not to mention widely known at the APL!  Also, I got my photo taken with Allan Fee and we noticed that I am now on the Q104 website!  There is a caption under the photo that says “Fee and Friend”.  (Allan, if you are reading this, my name is Valerie, and yes I am still your friend!)  Here is the link to see the photo:

As we were walking around greeting everyone, Roy stopped at the donations desk and did something wonderful.  He signed up to be a “Pet Partner”.  A Pet Partner is someone who donates $25/month for a year to the APL.  He is so touched by the APL and all that they do, for the love that they gave Nikita when she came to the APL and saved her life, that he wanted to give back to them and say “Thank You”.   That was so touching Roy, Thank You for making this donation and becoming a Pet Partner.   We love you!

While Roy and his sister Annette went off to visit with all kitties, Nikita and I stayed in the Radiothon room.  We were wondering if Auntie Annette was going to come back to the room with a kitty, but she did not, but she still might consider getting another kitty, so don’t count her out yet!  LOL  Thanks Auntie for coming to the APL with us, we had such a great day with you! 


Then, while we were sitting in the back of the room, I overheard someone mention the name Roberta Bates.  Roberta Bates?  Is she here I asked?   They went to check to see if she was still in the building, and she was.  You see, Roberta Bates was one of the Q-Cash Captains, like us, who was working hard to collect donations for the APL.  As a Q-Cash Captain, we could see all of the other Captains donations and it made US work harder to try to collect more donations when other captains were “gaining on us”, and one day we noticed that Roberta was gaining on us quickly, then she passed us up in donations.  We did all we could to collect more donations to catch up with her, but it was fruitless.  If ALL of the people who we talked to that SAID that they were going to donate, would have ACTUALLY donated, then we would have had a lot more donations.  Perhaps next year they might consider making a donation that will make such an impact on an animals life!  Thanks Roberta for making our donation collections into such a fun game!  Maybe next year we’ll give you some more competition!  LOL    Anyhow, there were a total of 51 Q-Cash Captains and Roberta Bates came in third place, and NIKITALAND came in 11th place.  Not bad, not bad at all!  NIKITALAND collected a total of $570 for the APL.

Last, but not least, WE wanted to THANK all of the individuals who donated through NIKITALAND to help us raise money for the APL and make a difference in an animals life…




  1. Dave Reeves
  2. Kelly Blackburn
  3. Denis Zaharija
  4. Vivian & Chick Ravenscroft
  5. David Semanik
  6. Renee Jackson 
  7. Nicole Serraglio
  8. Edward Francis 
  9. Sherry Spickler
  10. Annette Yarris
  11. Loretta Sabula
  12. Rob Edwards
  13. Jeff DeLisio
  14. Maggie Layne
  15. Marilou Manzi
  16. Amy Wasco
  17. Susan Sweeney-Osen
  18. Sheryl Holman
  19. Karen, Michael & Christopher Kieszek
  20. Chloe & Connor
  21. Sanford Doss
  22. Karen Penko
  23. Roy & Valerie (My Mommy & Daddy)

THANK YOU all for your generous donations!  Also, we just heard that YOU can still make an ONLINE DONATION up to Wednesday, May 16th, so if you would like to make a donation to the APL, here is the link:


Watch LIVE – Pledge For Pets Radiothon

The seventh annual Pledge For Pets Radiothon is going on now through Saturday!  Watch it live here: 

Here are some of the sad stories you will hear about:

Raisin came into us a year-old puppy.  Her owners’ idea of housetraining her was to leave her on a balcony all night.  One night they awoke and Raisin was not on the balcony but rather on the ground below unable to move.  They brought her to the APL.  Both Raisin’s front legs were broken.  An APL vet tech offered to foster Raisin while she recovered.  Unfortunately, the break in one of Raisin’s leg was so severe it became infected and the decision was made to amputate the leg.  She was up and walking that same day.  After some more TLC and time to heal in her foster home, she came back to the APL and went up for adoption.  She is now Zoe and lives with her loving mom and dad and canine sister, Maggi, who she adores!

Simon was brought in to the APL by a Good Samaritan after she noticed he seemed to be in pain and wasn’t walking well.  He was a stray cat and likely hit by a car, although the cause of injury is unknown. He came to us with a fractured pelvis and left femur and a dislocated hip. Simon required multiple procedures—he had a pin placed in his leg and had another very complicated orthopedic procedure done.  Simon was with us for 7 months while recovering from his injuries (much of that time was spent in a loving foster home). Despite all of his injuries, he was a very charming cat and he quickly became a favorite of staff and volunteers.

YOU CAN STILL DONATE!  Call 216-566-7387 and tell them you want to make a donation under NIKITALAND, and add it to what we have already collected for the APL.



Dear Fellow Blog Followers,
First and foremost, we want to thank each and every one of you who has made a donation to the APL through our donation link for their annual fundraiser, Pledge For Pets.

Today is the last day to make a donation, as online donations end at Midnight tonight.  We need all of your help to collect donations that will go to good use at the APL for all the animals in need.  Please pass this link to anyone today to help us raise donations, as this is our last day to make a difference in an animals life, or the end of it.




Together we can make a HUGE difference and impact on the well being of animals.  We have only TEN DAYS LEFT for online donations for the APL’s annual fundraiser that we are participating in called Pledge For Pets.  (online donations end on May 6th)

WE ARE CHALLENGING YOU to help us reach our goal of $1,000 and we are at 54% to accomplishing our goal to help the animals at the APL.  And it’s not too late to help, because Springtime’s warmer weather means more breeding among dogs and cats who haven’t been spayed or neutered, and that means that the APL will be needing our help.  Because of the support of good people like you, we can help those animals get the much needed care they need – together, we can make it happen! 

We want to thank those of you who have already donated for your generosity and love.  We appreciate your donation!

Doggone-It Now That’s Loyalty

The other day I saw this sad video about a yellow lab that got hit by a car in California – the driver who hit the dog never stopped, the lab died.  But what was amazing about this story was the black lab who walked out into the busy street to lay next to his friend on the street, and never left the yellow labs side.  Someone passing by took this video of the dogs in the street and also laid traffic cones out on the road so the dogs would not get hit again.  No one has come forward to claim either dog yet, but the black lab is now up for adoption by a local animal care shelter and they have named her “Grace”.  The video is quite emotional.  View the video:

Stories like this really bothers me.  Not to mention that the driver who hit the dog never stopped and I hope they now can’t sleep at night as their guilt will eat them alive.  The black lab, now named Grace, has more loyalty than a human does, more passion for life than the driver did by fleeing.   And, I still can’t believe that someone has not come forward to claim either dogs with this all over the news. 


This is just an example of the horrible things that happen to animals every day.  They are abused, punched, kicked, starved, poisoned, and people can do these things to them without any thought or remorse.  It is truly sad that things like this happens, but that is where YOU can help.  By making a donation to the APL that we are helping raise donations for, these abused animals can get the help that they need. 

We adopted two kitties that are brother & sister (as we could not adopt one and leave the other one behind) and they were left in a cardboard box outside a church and were malnourished and needed help.  We adopted our great dog Nikita who came from a litter of seven pups who lost their mom after she was poisoned with anti-freeze by their owner and fought for their life.  All of the animals have horrible stories of abuse to tell, each one sadder than the next, and we can help them by making a donation to the APL.  They need our help because they can’t help themself, they just want to live. 

Just think, if you tell two people, and they tell two people, and so on….we can help get the word out about how important it is to make a donation today.  Any dollar amount will help, $1, $5, $10 or more, it all adds up!  We are encouraging all of you to pass this along to everyone you know, post our donation link on your social media site, email it to everyone you know, and help us raise money for the APL.   We are doing our part to help all the animals who need help, will you help too?