Humorous Thanksgiving Place Card Holders

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we had to work quick to come up with another unique idea for place card holders, and if you know us, we always come up with something interesting.  Last year, we used pieces of a tree branch for our place card holders, so this year, we wanted to come up with something funny.

We did just that by creating Paper Mache Turkey Legs as our place card holders for the family!  These turned out better than what we expected and took no time at all to make.  We decided to make turkey legs because it seems that everyone wants them around the dinner table, and there are only two on a turkey, so we decided that they would enjoy their very own turkey leg! LOL

Get out your Sunday paper and ball up one piece of newspaper until it starts looking like a turkey leg, then twist the end to make the “bone”, then flip up the bottom of the newspaper to shape the end of the bone.  Use masking tape to form up the pieces into a turkey leg shape.  Now, how easy was that?!

Now, mix up a small batch of paper mache paste (just flour and water) until it is like a pancake mixture thickness.  Rip up small strips of newspaper and dip them in the paper mache mix, run your fingers over each strip to remove excess paper mache mix and place on your turkey legs until the whole leg is completely covered.  Let dry overnight.

You are now ready to paint your turkey legs!  Use any variation of brown paint for the “meat” part of the leg, then paint the bone part white.  Once dry, spray a clear coat over the turkey legs.  Then, to finish off the turkey legs, I created a small tag that says “Give Thanks” and attached it to each turkey leg with a piece of string.

I just can’t wait until the family sees the turkey legs sitting on their plate on Thanksgiving!  They should provide some great laughter around the dinner table for sure!

Easter Place Card Holders

Everyone loves printables, and we have a neat one for you for Easter!  What better way to adorn your Easter dinner table – with Eggs!   Download our Easter Egg Place Card Holders that have eight different eggs decorated to Easter perfection! 


  • Download the PDF & print out on color printer on cardstock paper
  • Take out your Sharpie marker and write the names on the eggs
  • You can one of two things now – 1) Run your sheet through a laminator or 2) Just cut out the eggs on cardstock without laminating them
  • If you run the sheet through the laminator, cut out the eggs and leave a small edge around the egg to keep the laminated sheet together
  • Once all eggs are cut out, cut wooden skewers in half, approximately 6″
  • Now, attach the egg to the skewer with either tape or hot glue
  • And lastly, insert skewer into wine bottle cork

What a great way to decorate your Easter dinner table!  Here is the link to download our clever Easter Place Card Holders.  Enjoy!