Top 100 Kids Crafts List for 2013

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To my surprise, I ended 2013 with a huge BANG! I was contacted by All Free Kids Crafts to advise that I made their Top 100 Kids Crafts List for 2013!  What an honor it was to make this list!

It was my Melted Pony Bead Pizza Pan Sun Catcher that got me on the list of the top 100 kids crafts!  I had so much fun in 2013 playing around with melting pony beads and I will do some more experimenting this year too!


Click HERE to be taken to the entire Top 100 Kids Crafts list for 2013. My project is under the seasonal crafts, no. 79 to be exact, just in case you were wondering!

Currently, I have so many new ideas for craft projects lined up for this year and I can’t wait to start on all of them!  “You don’t know what you can accomplish, if you don’t try.”

Thank you All Free Kids Crafts for such a wonderful surprise!


A Pizza Pan Made Me Popular


Just when I thought that this week could not get any better than what it was, it happened.  The Editor of All Free Kids Crafts contacted me and wanted to feature my Melted Pony Beads Pizza Pan Sun Catcher on their website!  I was tickled pink that she contacted me and this news just made my day.  Thanks Jaclyn!

I never knew that a pizza pan could make me popular, but it did!  I love crafting and seeing what I can come up with next.  It’s the thrill that you get when you try something new and it works.

Here is the link to my original post:  Pizza Pan Sun Catcher
Here is the link to my featured Pizza Pan Sun Catcher on

This particular pony bead craft is extremely easy to do!  Just grab your pony beads and pour them out onto a pizza pan.  Make sure that there are no holes, just add more beads.  Pop your pizza pan into the oven at 425 degrees for a few minutes (watch through the oven door to see them melt) and when all the beads are melted, and the top appears to be smooth, it’s time to remove them from the oven.  Now, just let your pizza pan cool on top of the stove.  You will hear some cracking noises, but that is just the plastic cooling.  Once cooled, just turn the pizza pan upside down and the round disk will pop right out!  Then, if you are going to hang this up as a sun catcher, just drill a small hole at the top for a string.  Also, I made a cupcake stand too, just by purchasing a $1 glass candlestick holder from the Dollar Store and gluing it to the bottom of the plastic pizza pan sun catcher!


So, head on over to All Free Kids Crafts today to see what you are missing!  They have tons of wonderful neat crafts for kids!

I just never knew that a pizza pan could make me popular!