When Pets Do Bad Things – On Purpose

We all love our pets, that’s true, but sometimes, and I mean sometimes, they do things that we know in our heart that it was done on purpose and out of spite.  We have a cat named Angelica, and she is the sweetest cat around, but lately, she has been doing things on purpose.

Most cats, and perhaps some dogs, don’t like the vacuum.  We know that our dog Nikita loves the canister vacuum, but when Mommy pulls out the upright vacuum, she runs.  It’s funny, because Nikita gets vacuumed every day with the canister vacuum and loves it.  She just stands there while Mommy runs the vacuum hose up and down her back to remove excess hair, but when the upright vacuum comes out, it is a totally different story.  She runs and peeks around corners when it starts up.

Angelica and the rest of our cats, don’t like the sound of the shop vac that Mommy uses in the basement on the tile floors, and they all run and hide.  But, Angelica seems to take things to an extreme, and lately, she has been “getting back at Mommy” and doing bad things on purpose, well at least that is how Mommy feels.  (Daddy agrees with Mommy on this one)  After Mommy runs the shop vac, which is a few times a week, Angelica poops.  Yes, she poops probably out of fear of the shop vac, but she is not pooping in the litter box, rather in discrete places around the basement.  Mommy is at her wits end with having the clean up these messes all week long, and today was the Mother of all ON PURPOSE things that Angelica did, as she poopied right in front of the basement door so when Mommy came downstairs this morning to give everyone breakfast, Mommy stepped right in the nice fresh and steamy pile of poop and slipped backwards onto the basement stairs!!!   Mommy was truly upset with this and is now trying to recover from her fall as she is laying down on the couch with a heating pad on her lower back.

We have asked for advice on this topic with the vets, and they said to not scold her when she poops in front of the litter box on the floor, because they said that “she thinks” she is doing a good thing, while the other cats actually use the litter box like it should be used.  The vets also said to never take the cat that is soiling (that is what they called it, but I call it pooping) outside the litter box over to the pile and yell at them, as this won’t work.  Just when I thought that ALL cats knew how to use a litter box when they were born, something must have got mixed up in Angelica since this seems to be her norm lately.   So what is a Mommy to do?  Do you have any advice as to how to re-train her to use the litter box, or is it too late and Mommy should just shut up about it, and go on her merry way every week and clean up the piles, then disinfect the floor afterwards?  If you were in Mommy’s shoes, you would be fed up to the top of your head with this, and today’s fiasco of her slipping in it was a prime example that something needs to be done.   We have even tried changing the litter to another brand, and that did not work, and we even read some tips that said to place a small bowl of food by the litter box where she was pooping on the floor because cats won’t “go” where their food is – and all we got with that tip was – – they ate the food and pooped right next to the empty bowl.  Geez.  HELP!