Take Your Pet To Work Day: June 22nd

Yep, you guessed it, today is Take Your Pet to Work Day!  And although I was not able to head off to work with Daddy today, I raided his closet and played dress up in his work clothes.  (I hope he doesn’t mind)  I always look up to my Daddy because he’s the best.  I always wait for him to come home from work and greet him at the door and shower him with hugs and kissies.  Then, I run and grab a toy and run around like crazy and have to show him what I’m playing with. 

So, in honor of Take Your Pet To Work Day, Mommy dressed me up in Daddy’s clothes and she had to tie his tie for me as I am not good at things like that.  Daddy always has his glasses hanging from his shirt pocket, so I had to do the same thing, because that is what Daddy does and I wanted to look like him. 

Are you heading off to work with your Daddy or Mommy today to the office?  If so, we would love to see your photographs of how you dressed up and what you have in your briefcase!  Have a great day!  (I love you Daddy!)