Oh No You Just Didn’t Do That!

We have all been there at one time or another, and have had to deal with co-workers who do things that you just can’t believe.  Day after day we witness them doing things and it makes us wonder where their scruples are, not to mention, we wonder that if they do these unbelievable things at the office, what is their home life like.  We wonder and question how they were raised, and what possesses them to do these things at the office.  Is it because they know that they can get away with these things at the office?  No matter what the reason is that they do these unbelievable things, it needs to be corrected and nipped in the bud.  Being a co-worker has responsibilities, not only do you have responsibilities in your position, but you have responsibilites of being respectful of others and your co-workers, as many people have to share office space with many people, we all have to do our part in the upkeep at the office. 

Over the years, I have witnessed many work place pet peeves, that over time it has made me spin my head around and say “Oh no you just didn’t do that!”  I was usually the one in my office to clean up after everyone, then one day I thought to myself “why was I doing this?”   I need to make others responsible for their own messes, make them responsible for re-stocking paper in the copier tray, and the simple task of even starting the dishwasher at the office when needed.  Sometimes it worked, other times not, but my goal of getting the message to others continued.

So here’s a list of things that I have witnessed over the years of my Top Work Place Pet Peeves:

  • Your food & pop stolen out of fridge (Go buy your own!)
  • Blowing up lunches in microwave & not cleaning it up
  • Co-Workers with body odors (there is this great thing called a shower!)
  • Co-Workers who wear too much cologne/perfume (A little goes a long way)
  • Co-Workers texting while at work or always talking to their spouse (Talk to them at lunch!)
  • Co-Workers who don’t wash their hands after using the facilities, then stick their hands in shared food containers in the kitchen (Ewwww!)
  • Women co-workers who always wear low cut tops to show off their stuff
  • Co-Workers who leave dirty dishes in the sink (You know who you are!)
  • People who abuse the lunch hour & always take more than the alloted time
  • People who come into work late, but leave early
  • People who jam up the printer or copier and just leave it for someone else to fix it
  • People who take the last bit of coffee and don’t make another pot
  • Men co-workers who adjust themselves in front of you
  • The office drama queen that’s into everyone’s business
  • Micro-Management (Most of us know how to do our job, we just don’t need someone leaning over our shoulders all day)
  • Co-Workers who listen to your personal conversations then have to put in their two cents worth
  • Co-Worker who steals your “ideas” and passes them off as theirs (Not cool!)
  • Co-Workers who purposely do things to annoy you (Revenge is sweet)
  • Co-Workers who constantly pop their gum over and over
  • Co-Workers who interrupt you when you are on the phone
  • Brown-nosers – People who want to move up the corporate ladder without actually having to do any real work
  • Co-Workers who take “breaks” all day long
  • Co-Workers who surf the internet all day when they should be working
  • Management that can’t seem to see when an employee is slacking off, while the rest of the office can see it
  • No raises – Definitely the biggest pet peeve for those who actually work hard and receive no compensation for their efforts

We all head into work, to work.  We work to pay our bills and hope that the bacon we bring home is enough.  We don’t head off to work everyday to have to deal with things like this, but we do and it’s unfortunate.  We do what we do everyday because we like it, but dealing with pet peeves takes time away from our real job and in the end, that is all we want to do – have a job and enjoy going to work every day.  So, for those of you who are on the “list” of pet peeves (and you know who you are), please stop distracting the rest of us and start doing things for yourself, make that pot of coffee, stop eating my food, clean up your messes in the microwave, and stop interrupting me while I am on the phone with a client and go sit at your own desk and do your job, that is what you are getting paid to do.