What Good Dogs Can Expect from Santa

In my mind, EVERY dog is a GOOD dog, no matter what we get into.  When you look into our kind eyes, you see unconditional love looking back at you, you will always find us waiting for you at the back door when you arrive home, we keep you warm at night when we snuggle in with you, we keep you company when you are down, we may even bring you your slippers with a lot of slobber on them, but what we do best is show you love! 

So, why shouldn’t we be showered with Christmas presents and more presents, and bags of dog treats and goodies and all the things that go “squeak”?  We should, because we’re your best friend, life long companion, and someone who will always be there for you through thick and thin.  So, let’s go do some shopping & fill our stockings with some great toys and treats!  Click HERE to start shopping for your favorite four-legged friend! 

Wet Puppy Kisses from a very very GOOD dog,

We don't mind these Fleas!

A new leash to keep us close to you

Something FUNNY to wear for the Holidays

Cuddly Fleece Sweatshirts to keep us warm

7 Dog Toys in Clear Dog Bone Carrying Case

ROAR! Tiger Doozie Dog Toy

Take a BITE out of this TICK!

Don’t forget your Pets @ Christmas!

Cuddly Fleece Sweatshirts for your Pet!

If you are anything like ME, a puppy, or even a bigger dog, you know that you love to be part of the Family, and what better way to do that than with some great Cuddly Fleece Sweatshirts!  Pet’s are a huge part of our lives and we are treated like one of the family, so make sure that you remember your pet at Christmas and get them some new toys, treats, and maybe even perhaps a nice cuddly fleece from my Daddy & Mommy’s website.  Visit their website for all your seasonal needs & now pet accessories too!  www.themesnthings.com     Click here for the neat pet stuff!

Tell my Daddy & Mommy that I referred you when ordering – They’ll sneak in a little something extra for your pet!

Hugs & wet puppy kisses,