Birthdays Make You Smile


I’m so happy because I just celebrated my 4th birthday this month!


Oh what fun I had on my birthday! I can’t stop smiling!


Other than Mommy making me wear this stupid birthday hat (like she always does), my day was awesome. I can’t believe she made me go outside so other doggies could see me in this ridiculous hat. How embarrassing!


You can’t look mean while growling at another doggie when you are wearing a birthday hat! I can hear them laughing at me under their breath.


I got lots of toys for my birthday, including some tennis balls. I demolished this one in about five minutes. I guess they don’t make tennis balls like they used to, eh?


I got to play with and chase lots of balloons that Mommy blew up for me! She even tried to make some balloon animals with these skinny ones, but all they did was pop! I guess it was not as easy as it looked in the directions! LOL


Here I am taking a rest from all of the fun I had on my birthday and sat by the back door for awhile. Mommy followed me around all day taking pictures of me, but that is what she does best. She always make me feel special on my birthday.

What do you doggies do on your birthday?


Today is Harmony’s Birthday and she turns 5 today!  Harmony is my favorite furry friend, so I had to do something special for her on her birthday.  Harmony is my guest blogger for the day!  Enjoy her loving story with her family and all the exciting things she gets into as she grows up.

Hi, my name is Harmony, and today is my Birthday.  WOOF!!  I can’t believe that I am 5 years old already!  It seems like only yesterday that I was born on September 29, 2006 in Maryland.  My Doggy Mommy is a yellow Labrador Retriever and my Doggy Daddy is a chocolate Labrador Retriever.  I am a girl black Labrador Retriever, and I have 7 siblings.  I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers, and I am not sure what my other 2 siblings are because unfortunately they died.

My adopted Family wanted a girl black Lab.  They had a choice between my one sister and me.  I am so HAPPY AND LUCKY that they chose me!  They said that I seemed interested in them because I walked over to them on my own and followed them around on my own, and my sister didn’t, but what they didn’t know is that I picked them because they seemed like a very nice Family, and I knew that I would have a wonderful new home where I would be LOVED A LOT and given LOTS of hugs and kisses!  And, I was right!!  They adopted me during the Thanksgiving Holiday on Saturday, November 25, 2006.  It couldn’t have been a better time of the year because I am so thankful for my new Family!  On our drive to my new home, I had a travel crate to sleep in on the back seat of Mommy’s car, but instead, I climbed up on Mommy’s shoulders and slept there for most of the trip (that is, except for the pee stop in Harrisburg, PA.) to my new home in Bethlehem, PA.

Lots of exciting things have happened to me so far in my 5 years!  Here are a few of them.  I learned how to pee and poop in the backyard in about a week!  I redesigned the pedestal of the kitchen table when no one was looking (Mommy was not too happy about that!).  When I was a puppy, my Mommy would always put me up on the soft kitchen chair so that I could be near her when she was doing things at the kitchen table.  Both of us liked that!  When I got older, I could jump on and off the kitchen chair all by myself.  The only thing is, the tablecloth kept bothering me when I would nap on the chair, so, I got rid of it, little by little (Mommy was not too happy about that either;  she kept that darn tablecloth on the table for a LONG time; she just kept turning it around!).  Oh, and I decided that I liked the taste of the edge of the table and the table pad (Mommy wasn’t too happy about that either!).  Next, it was the tasty canned closet door and the door trim next to it.  Actually, I thought that they were ways to get into the other rooms;  I wanted to see what the rest of my new home looked like.  And, I did just that when my Mommy taught me how to climb up and down the stairs.  Going up was okay, but going down was a bit scary for awhile.  Now, I can run VERY fast up and down those stairs!  Let’s see, I learned how to obey different commands by words and by hand signals in puppy kindergarten. 

One particular day was scary for my Mommy and my Brother Christopher.  Daddy gave me an old knotted sock of his.  He and I played tug of war with it before he went to work, and right after he left for work, I swallowed half of it.  Thank goodness Mommy quickly noticed that half of the sock was missing.  She and my Brother rushed me to the Vet.  The Doctor was waiting for me.  He took an x-ray.  It was already in my stomach.  Thank goodness for whatever the Doctor gave me because I threw it up.  The Doctor put it in a plastic Ziploc bag and asked Mommy if this sock in the bag was what I swallowed.  It was!  I almost had to have surgery that day, and I would have missed my puppy graduation that evening.  The Vet congratulated me that evening when I received my DIPLOMA!

Lots of Birthdays, Holidays, and doggy treats have passed since my puppy days.  I stopped chewing things that I shouldn’t be chewing when I was about 1 1/2 years old.  My Daddy, Mommy, Brother, and I are one HAPPY FAMILY!!  They give me LOTS of love, hugs , kisses, play with me, swim and play ball with me in our pool, take me for car rides, give me LOTS of belly rubs, feed me, give me fresh water to drink, buy me LOTS of doggy treats and toys, and once in awhile, they treat me to a vanilla ice cream cone!  They don’t take me for a lot of walks though(I am GLAD about that!) because I don’t like LOUD noises like mean garbage trucks, the recycle truck, buses, motorcycles, and UPS trucks!  I also do not like lightning, thunder, and firecrackers!  My Family says that I bring them LOTS OF HAPPINESS and give them LOTS OF HUGS AND WET KISSES too!  They also say that I am always smiling and wagging my tail!  Mommy says that if I wag my tail any faster, I probably will fly like Snoopy!  WOOF!!  I LOVE to cuddle up to them on the couch, and I LOVE to sleep with my Brother in “our” bed and also help him take the recycles to the garage by carrying the plastic milk carton (but only after I chew off the plastic blue ring and spit it out;  One habit of chewing that I just can’t break!)  I also LOVE to take a nap on the Lazy “Boy”, or as my Family now calls it, the Lazy “Dog”!  I also had LOTS of fun when my Family took me to the New Jersey shore for a day last Fall to fetch my ball and swim in the Atlantic Ocean (They had a strong leash on me and were right there with me all the time!)!  In the Winter, I LOVE to plow through the snow! 

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed traveling down Memory Lane with me!  I have enjoyed telling you some stories and things about me!  WOOF WOOF!!  I can’t wait to eat my Birthday cheeseburger that Daddy is going to grill for me!  After that, my Family will sing Happy Birthday to me, blow out my candle on my Birthday cake, and then I get to devour a piece of my peanut butter and carob Birthday cake and biscuits on top!  And finally, I get to have FUN tearing off the wrapping paper that is hiding my Birthday presents (Tearing up wrapping paper is LOTS OF FUN and is a chewing habit that I don’t get yelled at for doing, and Daddy cleans up ALL of my mess!)!  When my Birthday celebration is over, I will be one tired, pooped puppy (Yep, they still call me their puppy even though I am more than 1 year old!) and ready for bed!

Harmony  XO