Present for Grandma

Shhhhh, don’t tell Grandma, but we made her something for Halloween!  Since Mommy has been busy cutting & sanding tombstones for Halloween, she thought it would be a nice surprise for Grandma if we made her one as a surprise.  What do you think? 

Daddy & Mommy found some nice wood numbers & embellishments at Pat Catans craft store to put on the tombstone.  Mommy even cut out the little bat that’s on top of the tombstone from some scrap pressed wood, and painted them.  They are going to spray the address number & little ghost with some Krylon Glowz spray paint too.  The Glowz paint is supposed to charge in light so that it will illuminate at night.  Pretty cool, eh? 

If you want one for yourself, let us know!  Daddy & Mommy have their tombstones for sale on eBay, but they can personalize one for you too!

Just don’t tell Grandma about her present – just keep it between us!

Errand Day

Back Seat Driver

It’s a rainy day over here and the snow is melting fast!  Mommy and I had lots of errands to run today and I was sooooo happy to get to go with her as I love riding in the car!  I sometimes ride in the front seat, but I like the back seat better because I have more room and three windows to look out! 

Here is a photo that Mommy took of me on our first stop today… the VETS!  We had to stop in to get my next dose of Revolution and get weighed.  Found out that I am now 46.8 lbs!  WOW!  I got to meet more doggies at the Vets and saw this adorable little doggie named Bubbles (I think I got the name right), but I shared my puppy treats with them.  I was being a good girl. 

We then had to stop at Mommy’s favorite store – Pat Catans,  to pick up some items while I waited a few minutes in the back seat.  I love waiting because I get to see a lot of people walking by the car, and sometimes I even Woof at them when they get too close to the car.  (Mommy gave me a few puppy treats for being good)   I also wanted to do a quick puppy SHOUT OUT to Deena from Pat Catans.  She rang my Mommy’s items up and I heard they talked about me, so “Hi Deena – Woof Woof Woof, Woof Woof to you!”  (Make sure you tell all your friends about me & tell them to follow me on my blog too) 

My Tease Squeaky

All of our errands got accomplished (and Daddy will be happy) and I am pooped.  I still have a little bit of spunk left in me, so I ran and got my squeaky ball to play with  Mommy.  Once again I tease her, thinking that I am going to give her the ball, then I run away.  Then I sneak up on her, tap her on her leg with the ball to let her know that I’m back, and she snatches the ball from me and throws it for me to fetch.  We love doing this and have a lot of fun!  Daddy even plays this same game with me when he gets home from work, and of course, I tease him too. 

You're getting sleepy....

Well, I’m done playing and need a nap.  I can feel my eyelids getting heavy….I almost forgot to mention that Saturday is my BIG PHOTO SHOOT for Cleveland MagazineYIPPEE!  I can’t wait to smile pretty for the camera!  I’ll tell you all about it later!    Hugs & Puppy Smoochies to you – Nikita