Here comes the white stuff again!

Hey everyone & Happy President’s day to you….what’s up with this white stuff (again)?   The weather is amazing here in Cleveland and you will never know from one day to the next what it will be like.  One day it is sunny, the next snow, the day after that “orange barrel” season starts.   It is quite funny because the other day I was running around on the somewhat green grass, yesterday I was walking on wet smushy grass, and now today when I went outside, I see that white stuff again.  Daddy brought in the holiday paper this morning in the drive, and I got to eat the snow off the bag!  (cool)  Mommy and I waved goodbye to Daddy when he

Snow Doggie

 was leaving for work this morning and wished him a safe ride to work.  The roads are all snow covered with ice, so it might take him extra time to get into work.   Heard that we might get up to 3 inches or more today, looks like Mommy will have to shovel the drive again!  I’ll keep you informed of what I get into today, so far, I’ve been good, but it is only 7:30am.

Snowy Puppy Kisses to you,

Me Being Good