Milk.... It Does a Body Good!

WOW, what a great Labor Day weekend we had!  Daddy had Monday off, so we got to spend a lot of time together & had a lot of fun!  We headed off to PetSmart on Saturday and got to meet a whole bunch of really nice people and tons of furry four-legged friends too!  I met these two nice girls who came over to meet me and they said that they saw me come into the store and just had to come over and pet me!  (thanks!)  Mommy gave these girls one of my Blog Calling Cards and told them that they can check up on what I am up to by viewing my blog.  One of the girls even said that they did not know anything about blogs, and said that they might start one about their cat!  If they do, I hope they read this post and let me know what their blog site is so I can visit them too!  Good luck! 

I even had a guy that rubbed my belly and said I was adorable and I thought it was funny because he had a whole shopping cart filled with cat food, but he was giving some “lovin” to me instead!   I even got to meet a really adorable four month old German Shepard and we got along great!  Mommy wishes she did not forget her camera at home on this trip or I could have posted a photo of this aborable puppy.  But, I met another dog who I growled at (sorry) and I feel bad, as he did nothing to me.  I guess we can’t all get along, but I normally don’t growl at others, as I am a happy puppy.   

As you can see from the photo’s above, you don’t always have to play with your own toys as you can find fun sometimes in simple things – like empty milk cartons!  LOL  I had so much fun with this thing, chasing it all over the house as it rattled and flew down the hallway and through the living room, until I chewed too much of it and we had to say goodbye.  Oh well, while it lasted, I had a blast with my 2% milk – it does a body or dog good! 

Mommy & Daddy are still trying to figure out what I should be for Halloween and since no one has given me any suggestions, we are still stumped.  Mommy tried on my fairy wings from last year, and just as we suspected, they did not fit.  We got them on me, but they were way too tight!  Amber, the PetSmart trainer said that I should be a Mummy for Halloween, so we might try to figure out how to make me into one.  And, while shopping on the Old Navy website over the weekend, Mommy saw that they had a really adorable “Postman” dog Halloween costume that was really funny too!  This costume even came with a little blue hat and had a blue shirt with a brown mail pouch over the shoulder with letters in it too!  Ahhh, Halloween….you gotta love it! 

Also, we’re still keeping a close eye on Daddy’s pumpkin too.  Ever since August 25th when some deer had a field day munching on Daddy’s pumpkin vines, we are glad to announce that the pumpkin is just fine and is growing by leaps and bounds.  Although Daddy is sad because we think that there could have been more pumpkins instead of just one, if the deer would not have damaged the main vine.  (Darn deer!)  We are just amazed on how BIG his pumpkin has grown in less than a month.  Look at how small the pumpkin started off as and how BIG it is now!  Even check out how the color has changed in the pumpkin too!  We are wondering as to when it will start to change it’s color to orange.   I will have to keep you up to date on its progress! 

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, and yes, it’s Tuesday not Monday Daddy.  Oh yeah, thanks again for all of the birthday wishes that everyone sent to Daddy on Friday – he appreciated them all! 

P.S. – Get your Halloween Props soon, or you’ll find out that all the good stuff is gone!