When Dogs Do Silly Things

Dogs play, and play, and sometimes we do silly things along the way.  Me?  I do silly things all the time.  One thing for example, I get fed Science Diet “Big Bites” as an appetizer.  I call them appetizers because I munch on them when I’m hungry or when I want to play!  I take one Big Bite out of my bowl, run with it through the house, drop it, jump on it, and most of the time it rolls under the oven or the fridge and someone has to get it for me.  I do silly things I admit it.  Last night I was caught on film playing with my new stuffed lion I got for Christmas.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:  http://youtu.be/AwAUwHmMWD4 

The list of my silly things is long – what do you do that is silly?

The Waterfall in the Kitchen Sink

Water taste so much better from the sprayer!

I am always looking for more things to get into, but this time, it is a good thing.  I have found a new passion – the “kitchen sink sprayer”!  Everytime Mommy turns on the kitchen sink sprayer, I jump up on the counter and lick the waterfall of cold goodness coming out of it!  This thing is really cool, wish I had a waterfall in my water dish like this, but everytime I hear water flowing, I have to pee.  Does that happen to you? 

I still loved being vacuumed, I think that will never change!  Daddy got a great video of Mommy vacuuming me the other day, and I just had to share it with you.  Click here to watch the video! 

I am going to go take a nap now, I just got in from running around in all the snow (YES, it snowed again last night – another 3 inches)  I LOVE IT, but Mommy is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring.  Are you

I had such a fun & busy weekend.  Saturday, I took a long drive with Daddy & Mommy because my Daddy had to take a certification test.  He was taking something called a Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician Examination and guess what?  He passed with flying colors! (knew he would because my Daddy is so smart)  He is a Director of Arrhythmia Services at a local company and I watch him every weekend taking phone calls from the technicians at his work and logging into his computer to interpret the strips from patients.  Wish I knew what Daddy was looking at, but it all just looks like a bunch of squiggly lines on his computer – all I want is Daddy to throw my ball and play catch with me.  He usually does when he gets done with his work.  Then on Sunday, we all went to PetSmart where I got a new squeaky toy and a new Nylabone (Thanks Daddy for buying these for me!)  I always love seeing my friends at PetSmart like Brett and Jane, they are so nice to me!  Then on Monday, Mommy snookered me…. she said that we were going to take a ride in the car, but we ended up at the VETS (again).  When am I going to learn?  Geez.  Anyhow, Mommy told me that we had to go because I needed some more Revolution and said that my nails needed to be clipped because they were getting so long.  Man, I hate it when I get my toe nails clipped – I actually peed when they cut them, I was kinda scared because my Mommy was not holding me this time to comfort me.  That’s ok, we were only at the VETS for a few minutes, (Thank God) and then I got to ride in the car again!  I love sitting in the front seat, because I can see everything!  I even got to WOOF at a bunch of people looking at me in a bus!  I bet I scared them for sure! 

What will I get into next?  You’ll have to wait & see!  LOL  Have a great day & bundle up, baby it’s cold outside, unless you are covered with fur like I am!  WOOF

Tired from playing in the snow

Smoochies to you – NIKITA

Short Videos of Nikita

Waiting for Santa by the tree

It’s another snowy day here today, and I have been outside running around like a kangaroo all day!  I have to laugh at Mommy, because she has to put on so much clothes just to go outside with me (silly Mommy), but I am ready to run out the door once my leash goes on!  Let’s Go! 

Got some video clips of me that I wanted to share with you, so Mommy helped me upload them to You Tube (it should be called “Nikita Tube” instead) and you can view me by clicking on the links below: 



Let me know if you want MORE videos and I’ll ask Daddy & Mommy to help me!  Have a great snow day, I know that I will! 

Hugs & wet puppy kisses,