Flurries, Flurries, and More Flurries

NIKITA SNOW3 12-30-12

Since the day after Christmas, we have received our fair share (and more) of that cold white stuff they call snow!  We didn’t mind, because Daddy was home on vacation and we had no urgent place to go, so we actually got to enjoy the snow falling all around us.  Sure, we had to shovel, shovel and shovel almost every day, pulled the snow blower out too since the snow was quite heavy at times, but it was beautiful to see how it covered EVERYTHING white.  We surely put our snow pants to work as they kept us warm, actually too warm, as we scraped the driveway and sidewalk for the third, fourth…uh we lost track of how many times, but nonetheless, we kept the cold at bay and away from us.

BELLA SNOW5 12-30-12

BELLA SNOW3 12-30-12

BELLA SNOW6 12-30-12

Both Nikita and Bella are having the time of their lives playing in the snow.  We still have to teach Bella to not eat the yellow snow, as she has not figured that one out yet, but she loves to run and jump in the snow, and stops to take huge bites of snow when she gets tired.   Nikita on the other hand, is a digger.  When she heads outside, she finds the huge snow mounds that we pile up and starts her hole brigade.  Dig, dig, dig, as the snow goes flying through her legs, then her head disappears into her treasured hole that she has made.  When she pulls her head out, she is covered in snow and stands there so proudly on top of the snow mountain as to say “look what I did“!

NIKITA SNOW2 12-30-12

NIKITA SNOW1 12-30-12

NIKITA SNOW4 12-30-12



What is priceless in the end?  When you find your little furry four-legged kids passed out on the floor, rejuvenating for their next trip outside.  (which will most likely be in 20 minutes, phew)







We spent our New Year’s Eve safe at home, watching it snow (again) and were glad that we were not out on the town driving on the snow covered roads.  We enjoyed our time with our dogs and watched the two hour special in memory of Dick Clark.  We had all the good intentions of watching the ball drop at midnight, but like every other new years arrival, we missed it, as we fell asleep. We did, however, get woken up when both Nikita and Bella started growling at the fireworks that were going off in the neighborhood.  We chuckled, and fell back asleep.  All in all, a great and wonderful end to another year with all the people we love, and our special four-legged kids by our side.  Priceless.


Plop Plop Fizz Fizz Oh What a Relief it is

Waiting for the New Year to arrive

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  I hope everyone had a blowout celebration to an end of another year and rung in the New Year in style!  As for this puppy, I turned in early and did not even see the ball drop.  Ball drop?  Was that one of my balls?  Where did they get that ball, I want it!  Anyhow, I had a great end to my year because Daddy & Mommy invited my Auntie and my Grandma over for New Year’s dinner and spent time playing with me!  I always get so excited when I see them, and I sometimes make little puddles on the floor, sorry Mommy.  I was so tuckered out after everyone left and I turned in early – I just grabbed my fluffy bone pillow like I always do and ran & jumped on the bed & I was out like a light, but I woke up at Midnight to the sound of fireworks going off and of course, I had to growl & bark at them like a good puppy should.  I even slept in late with Daddy and Mommy this morning and was a good little puppy.

Daddy & Mommy took me over to visit the nice ladies across the street in the Medical Building the other day (their names are Lisa & Maggie).  I love visiting them so much because they rub my belly and give me hugs, kisses, and treats.  Can’t wait to see them again! 

Lisa & Maggie

I thought that I would share with you a list of some of the things that I don’t like:  (the list is not long)

  1. The garbage can by the curb – I hated that thing since I first saw it when I was little.  I growl at it every time I see it – then I have to growl at the man in that big noisy truck who picks up the garbage can
  2. Daddy’s gas grill – Not sure why I don’t like this thing, but when I saw the cover on that thing blowing in the wind, it scared me and I had to stand my ground and growl at it.  Now everyone is safe! 
  3. The upright vacuum – Just to clarify, the vacuum that I LOVE is the little thing called a canister vacuum, that is the one that Mommy uses when she vacuums me off, this upright thing is so lound and scary that I run and hide when Mommy gets this thing out of the closet.  Grrr!
  4. Mommy’s new Smoothie Maker – Daddy just got Mommy a thing called a Smoothie Maker for Christmas (I know Mommy likes it a lot – thanks Daddy), but when Mommy turned that thing on the other day to make a Strawberry Bananna Smoothie for her and Daddy, I had to protect my little world and jumped and growled at it and I even made noises that I have never made before, but they were coming from deep down in my belly.  Daddy & Mommy were cracking up over my shenanigans, but I stood my ground with that Smoothie thing and protected everyone! 
  5. The word “No” – Now, this is something that I know I have to work on, at least to make Daddy & Mommy happy, but whenever I hear that word, I act up like a bad puppy and run around and don’t listen, who knows why I do this, but every time I hear that word, Look Out!

I hope that all of you had a Happy New Year and you look forward to the start of another year with your loved ones.  Peace out!


Hugs & New Year Kisses,