The Street Walker Named Shaggy

We live in a nice quiet city, on a nice quiet street (except for the kids loud screeching music we hear from their cars), and one would think that we would be safe in this wonderful neighborhood.  But, for the last few years, we have noticed that this tall skinny guy walks around the neighborhood from morning to night.  We lose count on how many times he actually walks by the house in any given day, and after you see him walk by the house for the sixth time, you start to watch for him to see where he goes.

As far as we know, this guy, whom we named “Shaggy” (because he kinda looks like Shaggy from Scoobie Doo), is a normal guy, but his actions are kinda strange as he walks really really really slow past the house and looks around like he is up to something.  And what is even stranger that we noticed is when Shaggy notices people approaching him on the sidewalk, he crosses the street to the other side to avoid them and once they pass, he crosses back to the other side.  See, strange! 

Since we have been watching Shaggy now for quite some time, we have even heard from neighbors that his presence in the neighborhood is disturbing them too and that they have even called the police on him before.  Shaggy also is very timely as he approaches & enters the park that is near our house “after” the park closes.  And the saga continues with Shaggy in the park as he walks the jogging track over and over again, then never exits the park.  So, we started to wonder where this guy goes after that when we don’t see him exit and we started to wonder if he was sleeping in the park, and we later found out that there is a cut through in the back of the park through the woods to another road.  So that at least tells us that he’s not sleeping in the park, but now we think of how scary it would be to run into this guy in that cut through from the park.  All we know, is that this whole situation with Shaggy is quite disturbing as we live in a quiet neighborhood, and basically know every car & person who passes by, but Shaggy’s presence is disturbing and he is making everyone in the neighborhood squirmish.