Waking Up With Too Much Energy

TEMPS MARCH 2 2013The dogs got me up way too early today, as they had to head outside to empty their bladders, and it did not surprise me that it snowed again last night.  I am personally beyond sick of this white stuff and can’t wait for Spring to arrive.  Our sleep was interrupted last night when our neighbor arrived home at 2:45am only to find that he locked himself out of his house, and he phoned us to pick up the spare key we are holding for him (just for instances like this) and he was so thankful just to get in his house.  (that’s what good neighbors do for each other!)  Back to sleep we went, until Bella woke me up with her fog horn sound she does when she has to go out.  (the sound is quite hilarious and I need to record it one day so you can hear it)


Barely awake, I get my snow boots on, tuck my leopard print jam jam pants into my boots, put hat, coat, and gloves on, leash up Bella and we head outside into the frigid morning air.  (Man, jam jam pants do not protect you at all from the cold winds as it feels like I am standing outside with no pants on)  Bella emptied her tiny bladder and I thought “yeah, let’s head back inside” but noooooo, she has other plans after seeing the ground covered in snow!  She tears off like a bat out of hell and runs circles all around the backyard, grunting all the way around.


I must be dreaming.  This is way to early for this shit, I thought.  I finally calm her down and we head inside.  I wiped off her feet, cleaned off all the snow from her face, and removed all of my snow gear.  I hear the coffee maker finishing its first batch of java for the morning and I thought “how nice”, now I can sit down and relax.  Not quite.  I turn around with a fresh brewed cup of coffee in hand, only to see Nikita standing there doing the pee pee dance.  I said “crap” “not you too!”  So off I went to the landing to put back on all of my winter gear – again.


Sometimes, mornings suck.